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Look, we get it, 2020 was shit. We’re not going to harp on about the negative that came out of that awful year but look at some of the positives. We will focus on the best of a bad situation, and whenever talking about the best, you know Travis Rice’s name will come up.

T. Ricky and Jackson Hole locals Mark Carter and Cam Fitzpatrick definitely made the best of a bad situation. They spent the time during lockdowns in 2020 exploring and filming in their own backyard. Let’s be honest, the Teton Range in Wyoming has to be one of the best places to have been for the lockdowns.

We join Travis just days after Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has shut for the rest of the 2020 season, and the town has gone into COVID lockdowns. 

A sensation of insane jealousy hit me at the start of the film. Being locked down in an area where you can round up a small crew, hop on your snowmobiles, and seek some fresh lines. 

Hell, I’d almost wish for a lockdown if that type of terrain was readily available! Social distancing done correctly!

Travis goes onto explain that how important it is to be prepared when going into the backcountry. You’ve got to have the right crew with you; luckily for Travis, he’s got the two local rippers in Carter and Fitzpatrick.

Side note, does Mark Carter always have a toothpick in? Even while he’s riding? Pretty fitting look for a Wyoming boy, I reckon.

Travis speaks about how the mindset and education of the mountain are integral parts of heading outback and how important it is to have the right gear. You don’t want to bring a knife to a gunfight. 

This gets us thinking; our snowboard season is right around the bend. However, with some resorts still running under a capped amount of skiers and boarders each day, it might be the best time to check out the Aussie backcountry. 

Instead of having that Japan or Canada trip right now, maybe bust some cheddar bisk to go and get a split setup? (cheddar bisk = cash, for those who don’t listen to The Bomb Hole, and if you don’t listen to The Bomb Hole… why the hell not?!) 

But seriously, if you’re willing to put some effort in and really earn those turns. Our Aussie backcountry has some fantastic terrain, and there is a good choice of tour groups to get your bearings out there and learn mountain safety from trained professionals. Because the mountains are not something to take lightly, shit can hit the fan. 

But I’m getting off-topic; we are here to talk about Travis Rice and Quiksilver’s film Resetter.

The riding in Resetter is what we have come to expect from Travis. Big aggressive riding style on some gnarly spines just tossing powder 10 feet high with every slash—only this time it’s all Wyoming and not AK.

“Pretty neat looking mountains this winter here in Jackson, such a good season, so much snowfall and a great snowpack. It’s funny it almost looks like Alaska, which normally this time of year we’d be up there, but due to the pandemic, we are… held up. Grateful to be at home.” 

Yeah, we would be too (still jealous).

All of the GoPro footage from Travis is incredible, the clip from earlier in the film where Trav bombs a chute, I mean, holy chute! The detail of the rock face flying past is so detailed and gnarly! It’s only 2 seconds of the 12-minute film, but what a 2-second rush it is.

Or the sunset chute line 7 minutes in, where Trav goes around Mach 47 to just own the line. So many gnarly clips. 

Then there are shots like Mark Carter dropping in on an epic sunset line; I mean, who doesn’t love snowboarding during the golden hour? When those golden to pinkish hue’s hit the snow, it can be one of the most gnarly experiences you can have. 

And Australia has some pretty epic sunsets… just saying. 

The footage and addition of ‘epic’ song choice are typical of Travis Rice films. I like to call it the goosebump factor, and T. Ricky films from That’s It, That’s All to Art of Flight all have the goosebump factor. 

This goosebump factor slaps you right in the face with some massive King Kong horns for the last sequence of the edit, with Travis and Cam Fitz hitting a perfectly manicured booter. I got heavy, HEAVY Art of Flight vibes from this cut. 

Films like this act as a great reminder that we are not handcuffed to lift lines and tracked out groomers. There is so much fucking terrain in our backcountry; we just have to go find it.

Again it is essential to understand and, most of all, respect our mountains. But this could be the winter to book some split boarding tours and check out what we have available away from the resorts.

Then once you’re comfortable out there, all you’d need to do is get some homies who want to earn their turns, grab a camera if you like (I would recommend it) and find your own fun. Embark on your own adventure!


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