The Josh Vagne Interview | Return of the Jedi

A close encounter with the enigma, Josh Vagne. Fire reignited and the future looking bright...

Josh has been a bit of an enigma the past couple years in the snowboard world. Boasting talent, style, skills and podiums only two years ago, to suddenly somewhat disappearing from it all. The events were Joshless, the edits were Joshless and the mountain was Joshless. Not many people you notice drop off from the scene, but Josh was one.

We caught up with him to chat about his brief hiatus from snowboarding and more importantly, now that he’s back and the fire has been reignited – where’s his head at and what the future looks like. Looks exciting from our end.

Transfer: Josh! How’s it going mate? Where are you at the moment?

Josh: Yo! I’m in Jindabyne living up the most of the end of the season at the moment and enjoying the warmth.

Nice. It’s been fun times up there lately. You’ve been blowing up the social feed the past few weeks…

Yeah it’s been unreal, some super good days, good people and just lucky enough to have had some people filming at the same time.

Where on earth have you been the past couple years? You were hot on the scene for a while there…and then, just kind of vanished?

Hahaha Fortnite got the better of me. But nah, just wasn’t enjoying the contest side of things and the stress of it all. So I decided to go back to skating for a while, some time off the board has made me enjoy being up there again and stoked to be riding! I’m already keen as for next season to say the least.

That’s rad. Time away does wonderful things. You were on the Burton Snowboards program and everything. You still chasing the ‘sponsored’ dream? Or are those times past you?

Just happy to be snowboarding at this point but in the future I would like to put some form of a part together, which I would not be able to do alone but will just see what happens.

Yes! Just in Australia or are you keen to get back overseas as well?

More so overseas, just have to wait for this Pandemic to wrap up and I’m over there in a heartbeat.

Yeah it’s proving to be more and more difficult at this stage. You thinking a mix of street and backcountry?

Absolutely, really want to have a decent section of both. I’ve also never actually been in the backcountry, so keen to suss that all out! Diving into something new is getting me excited.

Sick! Is anyone supporting you at the moment? You’re running the Modest Goggles yeah?

Yeah I am and cheers to Longy and Modest for setting that up, but besides that nah.

Who do you think is killing it in OZ right now? There’s a rad scene at the moment. Lots of solid riders…who stands out?

There is so many people killing it at the moment but Andy James is always great to watch, Also seeing Matty Cox destroy the bottom jump was sick too. That young crew of boys like Zephyr and Gus are firing too so cool to see.

Solid crew at the moment. What are you doing when your not riding?

Working or skating my mates mini, just about all my life consists of at the moment.

And Fortnite?

Hahah haven’t touched it in might be time to log back in.

DON’T DO IT! Well, we’re stoked you’re back on the board…Bring on the full part.

Haha! Cheers mate


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