Bring On Finals! Olympic Halfpipe Qualifiers Fueled The Fire Today…

Game On! The Women's and Men's Halfpipe Olympic Qualifiers set the stage for a finals for the books...

Bring it baby. All riders today in the Olympic Halfpipe Qualifying event put it on the line, setting the stage for what will be an epic finals to tune into.

First up, Scotty James has laid down a huge statement in qualifying runs, coming away with second spot with a 91.25. Ayumu Hirano took out the top spot with a huge and effortless run bagging a 93.25! Third spot was Ruka Hirano with an 87.

Valentino Guseli came out firing. Falling on his first run. He had to bring his A game and delivered. It was full clutch mode. Valentino qualified fifth and Shaun White had to step it up also to qualify as he fell on his first run and did exactly that, scoring a 86.25 to lane in fourth spot. Fist bumps aplenty.

James said: “I feel really good. We stuck to our plan today and we executed really well. The halfpipe is fantastic, the weather is incredible. To say the least it was absolutely fantastic. I’m over the moon.”

White said: “I was nervous, I won’t lie. I’m like ‘Okay, last Olympics. To not make finals would be a bad look, I’ve got to get it done!”

Below are the final competitors! Let the battle begin.

1Ayumu Hirano | Japan87.2593.2593.25Q
2Scotty James | Australia88.2591.2591.25Q
3Ruka Hirano | Japan80.7587.0087.00Q
4Shaun White | United States24.2586.2586.25Q
5Valentino Guseli | Australia31.7585.7585.75Q
6Yuto Totsuka | Japan84.5012.0084.50Q
7Taylor Gold | United States81.2583.5083.50Q
8Jan Scherrer | Switzerland73.5079.2579.25Q
9Kaishu Hirano | Japan74.7577.2577.25Q
10Andre Hoeflich | Germany75.0017.7575.00Q
11Patrick Burgener | Switzerland70.7573.0073.00Q
12Chase Josey | United States15.7569.5069.50

No surprises here that Chloe Kim soared in her first qualifying run. Kim had the best run of the day, an 87.75 on the first of her two runs, to snag the top spot in tomorrows final. She fell on her second run, under-rotating and slipping, but it did not matter. Her first run was more than enough to carry her to the finals as the favorite for the gold again.

Crazy that Maddie Maestro didn’t make the finals! Big upset. Also a big shoutout to Aussie rider Aussie Emily Arthur

Below are the top 12 women who are competing in finals tomorrow!

1Chloe Kim | United States87.758.7587.75Q
2Mitsuki Ono | Japan79.5083.7583.75Q
3Cai Xuetong | China83.2555.5083.25Q
4Queralt Castellet | Spain78.7549.5078.75Q
5Sena Tomita | Japan75.7552.0075.75Q
6Ruki Tomita | Japan74.2566.2574.25Q
7Liu Jiayu | China15.2572.2572.25Q
8Berenice Wicki | Switzerland71.5040.5071.50Q
9Elizabeth Hosking | Canada10.0070.5070.50Q
10Brooke Dhondt | Canada69.2570.0070.00Q
11Leilani Ettel | Germany68.7515.7568.75Q
12Qiu Leng | China63.5066.2566.25Q

To check the Olympic schedule and how to tune into finals, click here.


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