Burton One World Global Premiere’s Kick Off

Premiere season is here. With COVID in full effect, Burton’s pushed forward and gotten a little creative to start screening their new film ‘One World’ to the globe.

Last night the crew in Denver were treated to a drive in film experience. Has anyone ever been to a drive in snowboard premiere? I can’t recall any. It looked all-time – cars honking on the bangers and some team riders including Danny Davis, Ben Ferguso, Red Gerard and Brock Crouch hosting the night.

Everyone was welcome…

The full film drops on Amazon Prime on 17 November. So anyone with an amazon prime subscription can get on it. Hack – you can sign up for a free trial and then pull out easily. Highly recommend. Click for more details.

Burton are also premiering the film in other locations around the globe over the next couple months including USA, Canada, China, Sweeden and Japan. To find out more on these premieres and what team riders will be in attendance, click here.

Stay tuned for more details on the premieres and film, coming soon.


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