Event Wrap | Cattleman’s Cup Takes Over Mt Buller For Two Days of Core Boardin’

The Aussie Snowboard scene united for two days of transition, steel, après and more...

The Burton Cattleman’s cup is a wrap, the hangovers are in full effect and bodies in recovery mode after two days of furious riding coupled with perfect sunshine conditions (again) and après aplenty.

The Cattleman’s cup brought together the Aussie snowboard community for a true celebration of snowboarding. Transition, rail riding, lots of banter and LOTS of après.

Day one, was as good as it gets in the Aussie snow globe. The Mt Buller Parks crew built a 52 foot hip for all riders to session on. The goal – GO AS BIG AS YOU CAN. Over 50 riders, male and female all took to the hip for an adrenaline fueled session boosting with the stunning Buller back drop.

It was Aussie rider and all round hell man, Valentino Guseli who took out the Hip-Hero award for men, scoring $1,500 cash. Val, as always, left peoples brains melting on the snow with his incredible display of riding, he was simply untouchable.

American rider, Freya Hammerlein took out the Hip Hero award for women, showcasing impeccable style, technicality and consistency on both sides of the hip and boosting the highest Buller has seen a women go so far! Probably Australia…

Day 2, was all about steel. Mt Buller Parks created an O.G Cattleman’s inspired Rail Jam set up in a new location on the mountain. Over 40 riders gathered to have to crack at the three option plaza set up which featured a down-flat-down, down-rail and close out inspired flat-to-drop rail.

It was the Day 1 champ, Valentino Guseli who showeed he ain’t just a legend on the transition, but can get as tech as it gets on rails, taking out the Rail Ruler Award walking home with another $1,500 cash.

It was Georgia Nicholls-Austin that took out the Rail Ruler award for women, showing offer her unique style as she nose-pressed through the kink rail plus a variety of other tricks, putting her on the top of the podium.

It was Sophie Nicholls-Austin who took out the Strong Talent award for Women, and the all round shred lord Josh Vagne who took out the mens. $1,000 cash. Job well done.

The Cattleman’s Cup grand champion for the Men, second year in a row went to Valentino Guseli, walking away with another $2,000 cash. Making it a nice $5,000 pay day for Valentino.

It was Georgia Nicholls-Austin who dominated in the females on both the hip and the rail setup, her skill landing her on top as the Women’s Cattleman’s Grand Champion taking home another $2,000.

Now…back to bed, as we’re still paying for all the good times has.

Thanks Burton, thanks Buller, thanks Pirate Life, thanks snowboarding.


Hip Hero Men: Valentino Guseli: $1500

Hip Hero Women: Freya Hammerlein: $1500

Rail Ruler Men: Valentino Guseli: $1500

Rail Ruler Women: Georgia Nicholls Austin: $1500

Strong Talent Award Men: Josh Vagne: $1000

Strong Talent Award Women: Sophie Nicholls Austin: $1000

Grand Champion Men: Valentino Guseli: $2000

Grand Champion Women: Georgia Nicholls Austin: $2000


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