Hard Fizz Turns The Snowy Mountains Upside Down…

Cookies and cream, coffee and cigarettes, Hard Fizz and snow...Somethings are destined in life to be married together.

Hard Fizz and Snow officially tied the knot last week and we were there to celebrate and cover the joyous occasion. Sore heads aside, it was a week to remember and good news is…there’s more to crazy shit to come!

The Fizz crew ditched the sunshine for some snow with their fleet of ambassadors to join the ride. On board the Fizz bus was DJ Rich Penny, Pro Surfer Laura Enever plus their newly signed snow ambassadors – Jye Kearney, Troy Sturrock, Georgia & Sophie Nicholls-Austin. Strong.

The crew hit Thredbo Resort straight up and didn’t hold back. Fizz induced flips, spins, slides, slashes, crashes and more. They don’t fuck around. We struggled to keep up on the crews level. The pro’s showing the sun soaked fizz crew a thing or two, it was a progression session on a tiny booter that made for one hell of a day.

Wednesday night, the Fizz crew did what they do best…party. Bringing the thumping DJ Scene to Jindabyne, they lit Banjo Patterson Inn a new one. Swarms of Fizz foaming humans came out to watch DJ Rich Penny and Beats by Keats play a 5 hour set. Yes…we’re still feeling it. Yes…we want more. Yes…we will soon have more.

After a recovery session, like all great marriages. They got straight back onto the slopes, smashing seltzers in a white out and keeping the hot laps going till it was home time. This is the energy we need. More fizz.

The crew are set to take over the Snowy Mountains again on the 26-31st of July! So make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more details dropping soon. More parties, more good times to come.


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