King & Queen of Corbet’s 2021 Winners

Freeride events are entering a new realm of gnarly...

The prestigious King & Queen of Corbet’s recently went down in Jackson Hole and minds were officially blown…again. Natural Selection which took place a few weeks ago left an infectious buzz in the air, a what’s next mentality for snowboarders, and Corbet’s was another platform for riders to push boundaries. Big time.

26 crew were invited to huck and chuck whilst composing grace off and into the famous Corbet’s Couloir in Jackson Hole. Conditions were far from perfect. Sketchy weather and visibility added on another challenge, but with a small window, riders had to step up a go for gold.

Yuki Kadono styling it out… | Image: Keegan Rice

The event is peer-judged…which is cool. After competition, all competitors did a private film review in the evening. Runs were judged from 1-10 and was based on speed, degree of difficulty, innovation, and controlled and completed landings.

In the female field, it was Madison Blackley that took out the win, followed by fellow snowboarder Audrey Hebert and Zoe Vernon in third. Skiers and snowboarders were competing in the same field. Snowboarders with a white wash on the female podium.

Madison on her way to the top of the podium | Image: Keegan Rice

In the men’s, it was some skier called Karl who took out the win, but way more importantly Hans Mindich held it down for the snowboarders taking out second place. Hans put down the most ridiculous hit in the event without out a doubt on the Corbet’s course. Incredible. Some other skier came third.

Other rider highlights included Yuki Kadono’s switch back one…to the flats! And Jason Robinsons ridiculous entry into the couloir. Some groundbreaking riding.

Tune in to Red Bull TV tomorrow to watch the entire event, run for run. Relive the incredible day that was…


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