Mommas Boys do Jindabyne | July 2 ‘HEY MOM’ Premiere

There's a crew rising up the ranks in Australia and their mums are kindly putting on a premiere play date for all to attend...

Fresh out of home, the Mommas Boys, a crew of boarders who call Jindabyne home for the winter are premiering their new film ‘HEY MOM’. Get around it.

They’re young, hip and have dope instagram handle names…so we’re expecting the premiere to be nothing short of world class. Premieres in Jindabyne are simply a great excuse to party, blowout and watch some snowboarding. What else in life do you really need? I can list about a thousand other things, but you get the gist.

Next Friday night 2 July night it kicks off at 9pm at Beach Burrito in Jindabyne! DJ’s will be spinning decks and they’re giving away some shit also. Transfer did receive a lifetime ban from the venue, so we are currently planning our entrance in…becase it’s a must not miss.


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