Our Natural Selection Field Reporter Delivers Down Day Intel on Tomorrow’s Final…

The finals are running in an un-touched location tomorrow and there's one feature only destined for the gods...

And so Natural Selection, day two Jackson Hole, will drop tomorrow on a course that both inspires and terrifies. Speed, power, flow, steeled nerves, an understanding that nature sometimes blows gorgeous powder though other times don’t. But what to do? Shake a limp fist toward the heavens or point and shoot? 

Point and shoot the only respectable option. 

The crew scoping out the course, for tomorrows carnage. Image: Tim Zimmermann

There has been no new snow in Jackson Hole, only gorgeous blue birds and ice cold temperatures that shock the system but not my daughter’s chihuahua Thunderstruck’s system who bravely heads out to wander in the freezer. 

She has spine but so must the remaining Natural Selection competitors. Apparently, as rumors go, a chunk of the course has been preserved for the eight men, four women, who survived day one.  

More scoping… | Image: Tim Zimmermann

The kicker?   

A kicker dubbed “The Booster.” Intel has it that The Booster is formidable, nutty launch and only a select few might dare hit tomorrow including last year’s winner Mikkel Bang but also the legendary Travis Rice who remains even at the ripe young age of 39. 

The booter?! | Image: Tim Zimmermann

I will be on mountain, tomorrow, with daughter and her Thunderstruck goading Hana Beaman to boost. 

Much fun. 


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