Watch LIVE | China World Cup Finals Half-Pipe Event

2:00PM Tomorrow. Tune in and watch the world best take on the first event of the season...

Hey there, transferites! Hold onto your beers tomorrow ’cause we’re revving up for the halfpipe World Cup at none other than Secret Garden! This place isn’t just any ol’ snow playground—it’s where the magic happened back in 2022. Picture this: a halfpipe that’s not just good, but like, unicorn magical. Deep, long, and so close to perfection, you’d think Mother Nature herself crafted it.

The lineup’s a straight-up who’s who from Beijing 2022! Ayumu Hirano, Scotty James, Chase Joey are ready to dominate on the men’s side. And let’s not forget the powerhouse ladies, Queralt Castellet and Sena Tomita. And oh boy, there’s a bunch more top-tier pipe rippers itching to show us their moves.

This season opener? Brace yourselves, ’cause it’s going to go off! All eyes on China tomorrow.

Tune in and WATCH LIVE right here. Friday 8 December kicking off at 2:00PM Aussie time.


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