Wrapped Up | Dew Tour Copper Mountain…Who’s Hot & On Top

Another weekend of absolute mayhem and levels of competition soaring into the stratosphere. Shake ups, shake downs and Olympic shoe ins...

Another showdown over the weekend and today that shook up the competitive snowboarding scene. As we near closer and closer to the Olympics, shits heating up and we’re all about it.

Today was the finals in the half pipe and history was even made! It was a nail bitter finals in both the men’s and women’s.

Who made history? Ayumu Hirano did, taking the triple cork from practice to landing the first one ever in a competition, and Shaun White calls this his last time in the superpipe at Dew Tour. BOOM. But at the end of it all, it was Yuto Totsuka on top of the podium with Taylor Gold in second and Ruka Hirano in third place.

Shoutout to Australia’s own Valentino Guseli for putting down a solid run! Scoring an 83 and coming in at 6th place. He was the highest rider out of the pipe, and showed the international snowboarding world what he’s capable of. Beat Shaun White also.

The female final was a heater. In a nail-biter final this morning, Chloe Kim claimed her 3rd career Dew Tour Superpipe win in her first return to the Dew Tour since 2018, beating out Spaniard Queralt Castellet who landed on the podium in second and China’s Xuetong Cai in the final run of the competition who cam in third.

The female slopestyle event was dealt with trying conditions, with lots of riders battling with minimal course speed. Not ideal. With a field size of 15 women in the final, three runs complete, it was New Zealand’s Zoi Sadowski-Synnott to finish in first place. Coming in second was Finland’s own Enni Rukajarvi, and Kokomo Murase of Japan in third place.

The men’s was unreal to watch go down. With a field size of 25 in the slopestyle final, and with two runs each, the men had little room for error. It all came down to the last runs to upset the top three podium positions which came down to Mountain Dew rider Red Gerard in first place, Chris Corning in second, and Mark McMorris in third.

Alexis “Lexie” Roland is making it a habit: she claimed her second consecutive Streetstyle Best Trick trophy on Saturday and, after finishing 2nd overall in 2020, won her first Dew Tour Women’s Snowboard Streetstyle contest.

Marking his 21st birthday with a Streetstyle win – and fireworks – Luke Winkelmann took out the top spot in the Streetstyle.

“I love jibbin’ and I love seeing rail jams make a comeback because everyone seems to have a ton of fun,” – Winkelmann.


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