Reviewed | Burton’s ‘One World’ + Live With The Riders Streaming

A film by Burton that celebrates the global connection we all share through our love of snowboarding, our respect for the environment and our desire to discover what’s next…

Burton Snowboards new film ‘One World’ is a must not miss. Currently available to watch on Amazon Prime, but for those without…don’t worry! See above for the live stream of the film with some of Burton’s Global Team. Danny Davis hosts a crew consisting of Red Gerard, Maria Thomsen, Anna Gasser, Neils Schack, Kimmy Fasani and Mark McMorris who watch and comment on the film. Giving you a scoop of what it was like from their perspective to pull off this production.

It’s been a few years since Burton dropped their last team movie, which have always delivered, time after time. ‘One World’ is a little different – not focusing on the part by part playbook so much, but pointing a lens directly towards the riding, characters, locations and how this all plays into a connection that everyone shares – snowboarding for the sake of simply snowboarding.

One World has really made me appreciate the fact that no matter where you are from or where your local resort is, if you’re a snowboarder then you are one of us, part of this awesome community of like-minded people.”- Zoi Sadowski-Synnott

Terje, shutting it down in the night pipe session!

“The Burton team is so tight-knit that even at events we’re still rooting for each other. That being said, making a film is a whole different team dynamic.” – Mark McMorris

Jake Burton passed away on 19 November 2019, pretty much exactly a year ago today. This film pays homage to Jake and the legacy that he left behind. Jake was one of snowboarding’s biggest influences and ambassadors – through the good times, tough times and weird times, Jake was always an advocate of ‘ just go riding’ – something so simple, but so easily lost in all the bullshit of the world today. This film encompasses exactly that. It makes you want to get out, adventure, bring the crew and snowboard..

Not only does it spark the fire to go ride, it also makes you realise that you’ll never achieve pro snowboarding greatness…ever. The top tier riding from the Burton team in all the elements, is a subtle reminder that the reason you and I work for the man all day and not fly off kickers, rails, rocks and drops is because these guys and girls are the BEST.

“We were all so stoked to have the opportunity to work together on a project to support Burton as a company, ourselves as riders and, most importantly, as a tribute to Jake.” – Luke Winklemann

Luke Winklemman going for it Minnesota for One World.

The video is broken up into locations, where members of the team link up to session the shit out of whatever is in front of them.

The film kicks of with a backcountry booter session in the Western Rockies with the best of the best – Dany Davis, Anna Gasser, Mark McMorris, Red Gerard and Brock Crouch. Throw some steep lines and pillow into the mix and you’re already thinking of plans to escape the heat and base yourself somewhere cold this Northern Hemi winter. It’s a pleasant sight to see some of the best competitive riders in the world, do their thing in the backcountry. Red Gerard is a beast and his style is on another level. All hail Red.

Red in Hokkaido, Japan…

The streets are up next, in the Twin Cities featuring the riding of Maria Thomsen, Niels Shack, Ethan Diess, Max Zebe, Luke Winkleman and a camero from Australia’s very own Jye Kearney. This is where the heavy hitting starts and Maria puts on a show to remember.

Max Zebe, all style!

It can’t be a snowboard film with out a British Columbia segment and it also can’t be a Burton film without some of the O.G’s who still are at the top of the game – Mikkel Bang, Mark Sollars, Mikey Rencz and young gun Ben Ferguson. Ben steps it up and defies gravity in the foggy backcountry…some gnarly riding from the kid who can do it all.

Ben and Mikkel reviewing the goods…it’s good!

We’re also treated to an Alaska trip, where it looked like they got skunked pretty hard with conditions but still made the most of it. Danny, Mikkel and Ben ride what are actually some pretty fun lines considering it’s Alaska, makes you almost feel like you could step up to the challenge? Mmmm…maybe? Probably not. One can only dream.

It wouldn’t be a Burton film without a thumper park booter session in Europe either. We’re talking full turbo thumper accompanied by a soundtrack that will kick the good vibes into effect. Best to have a beer nearby to enjoy or pound whilst viewing. Power couple Anna Gasser and Clemens Millauer take to the sky and makes the viewer feel dizzy, disorientated and left not knowing what on earth is spinning in the air. Incredible riding.

New Zealand’s favourite rider Zoi Sadowski-Synnott has a little feature also. Representing hard. A big double backflip in Japan. Not a whole lot of riding from this segment but Zoi show us what’s up

Zoi, high and deep in Japan.

Standout rider in the film goes to the new team addition, Maria Thomsen. Breaking down the boundaries of female street riding and what’s possible throughout the entire video. Mind blowing riding from Maria on all types of unique features in the streets, showing the guys more than just a thing or two. Stamping herself as one of the best female riders at the moment, a force to be reckoned with. Her riding is worth watching the film alone, but there’s also way more good stuff to enjoy…

Maria Thomsen, queen of the streets….

The end is worth hanging out for. It’s a full film so you should ditch the remote and kick back anyways. It’s a compilation of all the bangers from all the riders from all the aforementioned locations. Once again proving, that these guys and girls are the best in the world and their all good mates. No competitive vibes whatsoever, just good times and incredible snowboarding that simply wants to make you go snowboarding.

Danny Davis, blissed out in Mt.Hood

It all ties back to Jake and the simple fact that none of the guys would be doing this shit without him, an individual who has paved a path of snowboarding that we can all enjoy and showcases how it’s oh so simple to enjoy.


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