The Emily Arthur Interview | No Pipe, No Problem…

A COVID catch up with Olympic snowboarder Emily Arthur...

Emily Arthur, a bright young snowboarder from NSW that has nailed some solid achievements on her snowboard in the competitive pipe scene. Emily represented Australia at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics qualifying all the way to the finals, where she had a pretty gnarly bail on her final run and ended up placing 11th. She also took out silver in the Youth Winter Olympic games in Norway…plus a couple more medals here and there.

As a competitive half-pipe snowboarder, guess what you need in order to train? That’s right! A half-pipe. Unfortunately there ain’t no pipe in Australia this year. But Emily isn’t the slightest bit phased by that, she’s loving riding her home resort, Perisher and enjoying snowboarding for what it really is – fun.

We caught up with Emily to chat about all things snowboarding, COVID, life and that she’s only really just getting started on that board of hers.

Emily…Pretty in pink.

Emily! How’s things? Where abouts are you right now?

Hey! Things are good! Currently living in Jindabyne for the season which has been really sick now that we can ride.

What’s your resort of choice?

I’ve always been a Perisher girl, that’s just where my family would go every year growing up and I have never really deviated anywhere else. Although, I do love going to Thredbo to ride something different and if we include our friends in NZ, Cardrona is such a rad place to ride.

And when you’re not in Jindabyne for the winters, where do you base yourself?

I’m from the Shire in Sydney, so if I’m not in Jindy or overseas I’ll be there with the fam. Going overseas, I’ll usually head to Colorado. It’s just such a sick place for any type of snowboarding, and I’ve pretty much learned the Summit Stage Bus schedule by heart so changing places now would be too hard haha.

Booosting out of the pipe in Mammoth Mountain, California.

Far out! You get around…Are you currently training with the Olympics in mind? Or are you steering away from the competive side a little?

Yeah definitely still training with the Olympics in mind. Had pretty big plans to head to Mammoth in May for spring camp and then head to NZ to be in a pipe and all that but with everything that’s going on in the world right now, it all got put on hold. However, I’m actually super keen this Southern Hemisphere season to just rip around Perisher, do some hike missions and maybe bring back some of my old slope tricks from when I was 16 haha. Still got my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to go back overseas and get in the halfpipe soon though, I miss it.

Totally. So what’s your main discipline your focusing on right now – halfpipe? Would be hard with no pipe in Australia at the moment.

Yeah still doing pipe! It’s always been hard in Australia trying to be a pipe rider. I’ve been going to NZ every season since I was 14 so that I could go ride the 22ft pipe at Cardrona, so I guess all that’s changing this season is that now it’s not an option. Although for me, I think riding jumps and getting away from the pipe for a bit would honestly be a nice change and could almost improve my riding for when I get back into it in a couple months, all snowboarding is relative. I’m just stoked I’m able ride at all right now!

Ripping and tearing among some Northern Hemisphere high quality H20.

That’s really cool…Have you ever ventured out into the backcountry much? Australia’s a great place to learn and explore.

Not heaps to be honest! Went and hiked out the back of Guthega yesterday which was sick! I was battling a bit with the snowshoes but I’ll get there haha. Otherwise the most “backcountry” I’ve done is sledding a couple times out at Vail Pass in Colorado. I do really wanna learn more about it all and explore the Aussie backcountry. I’ve always talked about it, but I think now is a good season to give it a real crack, plus I bought a beacon so I might as well use it haha.

We’ll have to get you involved in a ‘Winter Mission’ we’re doing out in the backcountry this season then!

Yes!!! So keen.

I was up at Perisher the other day was blown away at the female crew and talent. Have you noticed a big rise in females in the Aussie snowboard scene recently?

Oh for sure! The girls are absolutely ripping up there! It’s so sick to see, especially seeing so many young girls too! Growing up, there was only a couple other girls to ride with, so its so rad to see there’s a massive future in women’s Australian snowboarding coming through. It’s always more fun riding with a girl crew, especially up at Front Valley, arguably one of the most intimidating parks haha, everyone’s just so talented!

The only maneuver to do during golden hour…method.

Have you found it quite challenging over the years trying to stamp your name as a snowboarder? Any advice for up and coming girls?

Yeah…It’s been challenging, but I would be pretty naive to think it would be easy. There’s so much talent everywhere. Its almost a fun hard though if that makes sense? If trying to go pro in snowboarding is the hardest thing I have to do, then I would be pretty happy. For advice, I know its cliche, but seriously just try and have fun and truly enjoy it. The most progressive days I’ve ever had have been with my friends on warm slushy days just having fun and trying everything and anything. It’s the days that I take super serious and beat myself up about not landing or trying a trick that have never benefited my snowboarding. So yeah, have as much fun as possible and surround yourself with people who love it and want to do it as much as you do!

You’ve been apart of the ROXY family for a while now. How is being involved with them? They seem to be really driving and supporting their snow team?

I can’t even express my love for the whole ROXY team in words haha. The whole thing is an absolute dream, like every 9 year old girl snowboarder, all I wanted was to be Torah Bright, and so being part of ROXY makes me feel like I’ve achieved a slither of my childhood dream haha. But in all seriousness, ROXY have always been a massive driver in all female board sports, empowering and aspiring girls all over the globe to get involved, in both surf and snow. They are super supportive of all the girls in their snow team, and I have felt it from all levels, as just starting out with them when I was 17 to now. I love their Womens Snow Jackets and all the Womens Snow Gear – look good, ride good!

Emily running the latest ROXY Snow Womens Gear

Yeah they are always doing rad things! So when COVID and all this crap fades away – where are you jetting off to first to go ride?

I’m hoping to go to America, which is probably the worst place to go in terms of COVID safety haha. I’m just really hoping to get over there and train a bit, see all my friends and hopefully do the tour if it can run! Currently the US Open is the only event (Officially) not on the calendar, so fingers crossed the season will run relatively normal! I’m just really hoping it all fades quick, as I’m sure everyone feels the same, I miss lapping the T-bar with my friends.

Fingers crossed it all mellows out soon. If there’s one thing you want to still achieve in snowboarding? What is it?

Ahhh there’s a lot haha, honestly X Games is a massive thing on my bucket list, and I think a podium there would make me pretty chuffed. In general, I just want to keep doing this for as long as I can, and hopefully rack up some trophies on the way.

X Games! I heard you’re good friends with Maddie Maestro? Does having international friends like that help push you?

Maddie Mastro, is an absolute legend and has been one of my best mates for a while, we used to train together out in Mammoth! The girls on tour are all so sick and we all push each other a lot, but in a really positive way. I feel we all want each other to succeed, and when one girl does a new trick that really pushes the sport it’s an exciting moment for all of women’s snowboarding and makes us all want to be better!

Get off the stage! Thanks Emily. Now let’s organise that Winter Mission…


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