The Tess Coady Interview | On Another Level…

A catch up with the unstoppable Tess, Australia's best female rider and on a mission to keep the good times going!

Tess ain’t nothing to mess with. Right now, she’s hands down operating on a level of her own and is fast becoming not only one of the best female snowboarders in the Southern Hemisphere but internationally also. She’s been on a tear this season, dropping clips out of the park that has us literally tripping (check it below in the interview). One distinctive thing about Tess’ riding is here style, we here at Transfer think it is unmatched and her bag of tricks seems to be growing daily. If there’s one person to follow and keep an eye out for, it’s Tess.

We caught up with Tess a little earlier in the season, and can confirm she’s just ripping harder than she was 6 weeks ago.

Transfer: Tess! How’s it going? Where abouts are you right now?

Tess: Hey G! Currently kicking it in Jindabyne

What’s the plans this winter?

Things are pretty loose for me at the moment. Obviously things are pretty hectic at the moment so going week by week at this point. But I’m living in Jindy this season and really just going to try ride Perisher as much as I can!

Yeah rad…So are you just cruising this season or do you have some plans in mind? Olympics?

Yeah for sure! The qualifications are supposed to start this northern season but we will see how that goes with everything happening at the moment.

So who’s the crew your riding with up at Perisher? Seems like there’s an awesome bunch of girls up there now getting it…compared to 5-10 years ago.Yeah the crew on the hill is heating up hard. I’ll be cutting laps with Georgia and Sophie Austin, Tegan White, Emily Arthur, those gangsters are ripping it up at the moment. There’s some younger girls coming up at the moment too like Steph Peterson who’s killing it after coming back from a knee injury. Then there’s the usual hombres that are ripping around at the moment. Troy Sturrock, Joss McAlpin, Josh Anderson, Matt Cox just to name a couple. Definitely keen to get lapping with everyone this season.

Front Valley is definitely the place to be these days. Do you ever get tempted to veer away from the Park T-Bar and get into some freeriding?

Oh all the time. I’m always down to go rip around the mountain. Definitely get most tempted to ride fresh groomers, there’s nothing like railing a turn in some fresh cord

Hell yeah! It must be weird for you as you previously have competed in alot of events. With COVID and no events…are you feeling a little less stressed out, more focused on just developing your riding with no pressure?

Yeah for sure. It’s definitely nice having this time to just be able to stay in one place and ride, not be running around chasing comps and things. I’m looking forward to a season in one place actually.

So your staying at the OWI campus thing in Jindabyne?

Yeah Sport and Rec just out of town.

What’s it like? Is it like school?

Haha nah. Legit just accom at the top of the hill. It’s super sick there’s like a footy oval and a frolf course that no one uses. About as far from school as it gets!!

Where’s your go to spot you base yourself overseas?

Usually Absolut Park. I love that place hey. It’s sooo sick.

Yes it’s an amazing place! So this season, if it’s all about the riding and no comps…what’s the golden trick your going to stomp?

Oo that’s a difficult question!! Honestly whatever, I’m all about getting into the flow of a trick or rotation and then going with it haha. I don’t know if that makes sense but kind of nothing specifically I’m just keen to see where there Season takes me interms of tricks…


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