Gear Review | Rip Curl – Pro Gum Series Jacket

The jacket that has it all - looks good, feels good and jammed with more tech than a Tesla

Get around this…

If you like to stretch, take flight, feel no restraint in whatever manoeuvre your doing on the mountain. This is the jacket – The Rip Curl Pro Gum Series Jacket. It’s got all that good tech, putting it above all other jackets. How tech can a jacket still get? Pretty damn tech…

Chris Rasman runs the Gum jacket…Sold.

This thing is straight out of Rip Curl laboratory, designed with an emphasis on stretch. The one thing every snowboarder needs more of – tweaking, grabbing, flying. Stretch is key.

Stretch, stretch, stretch! Chris Rasman…Stretching.

It features 37.5 technology…what’s that? It’s a 30K40K membrane and engineered stretch body mapping. What it does is remove moisture when sweating and release heat when cold, this is the ultimate in stretch and breathability for all conditions.

Breathe baby, breathe…

We took this bad boy out for a test. A spring day in OZ gets pretty darn hot and uncomfortable. Finding the right jacket that can supply breathability and protection is key…even better if it can deliver in all conditions – one jacket quiver.

Can stretch.

After taking it out for some serious spring hot laps. It was smiles all round (see below image). The breathability was perfect, the cut allowed for a rad look plus some super stretched out material. Sorry, but we’re not giving back the jacket. The back padding was also an awesome extra add on – got smoked on a few side hits and rails…it took the impact, making it slightly less painful. Being washed up has never felt so good, and safe.

Smiles all round.

Want to check out the jacket? Click here to peep it now…


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