Jones Snowboards Launch Outerwear Line…And It’s Legit

"I just wasn't finding gear that was suited to the amount of time I spend in the mountains. So we developed it ourselves, from scratch" - Jeremy Jones.

When you can’t find what you’re after, to fill the void, ease the need, live the search…it’s frustrating! Alas! Jeremy Jones and Jones Snowboards have just launched ‘Jones Outerwear‘ -Environmentally minded and movement focused technical gear built to embrace all of Mother Nature’s moods.

What on earth does that mean? Simply put…They’ve created the ultimate all-weather outerwear line that balances unmatched performance and durability with industry leading sustainibale manufacturing and material standards. Look good, feel good, keep the earth good.

Theirs outerwear for splitboarders, resort hot lappers, overnight expeditioners and more. Sounds legit, and doesn’t look too bad either. No gnarly Jones’ board graphics and logo’s hot pressed all over it.

It’s also reasonably priced, and worthwhile investment, with a shelf life of at least a few winters (or more).

Jones states that “from expeditions, to all-day lift lapping and backyard thrashing, the Shralpinist, Mountain Surf and Uphill collections got you covered no matter where you roam or how you ride. Jones apparel is the future of environmentally minded, movement focused technical gear built for pushing your limits and erasing boundaries”.


This quote is straight from the mouth of the Outerwear Line’s creator, Jeremy Jones – ” I just wasn’t finding gear that was suited to the amount of time I spend in the mountains. So we developed it ourselves, from scratch. The result is a line of technical clothing, which has been designed for the mountains, and for what I do there, whatever the conditions. This is the most advanced outerwear I have ever used”.

This isn’t about putting their logo on more products. From recycled materials to body mapped GORE-TEX PRO, this is about making cutting edge apparel that performs just how we like to move through the mountains – with complex simplicity. One foot in front of the other, but no wasted steps, and no wasted energy. This is apparel Jones believe in every step of the way.

Click here to find out more, check out the range and buy now.


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