Reviewed: The Quiksilver High Altitude Collection

Life looks different from High Altitude

A fusion of modern streetwear and Quiksilver DNA, has produced easily one of the sickest looking collections that have dropped in a while.

Quiksilver’s High Altitude Collection taps into the throwback look of the late 80s and early 90s without too much of a last day of the season spring vibe.

Backed by the Froth Goblin himself, Austen Sweetin is down with the new High Altitude range, putting the Dome Jacket and the Beater Pant through the wringer up at Mt. Baker.

“If outerwear makes it through a season in Mount Baker, it will make it through anything. It rains, it snows, it’s wet. There’s a lot of wear and tear here in the Northwest,” said Austen.

In a lot of ways, that rings true to much of our Aussie and NZ terrain. It’s irritable, wet and harsh. So it’s good to know that Austen backs his gear for conditions that can land on the shittier side.

The Dome jacket runs with 10K Quiksilver DryFlight technology, while the Beater pant is one notch higher at 15K for some serious waterproofing.

The Beater pant comes with an elasticated bottom hem, or better yet, as Austen calls it ”the scrunchy.” Giving the pants a bit more of a street feel. It does feel way better than dragging a muddy wet mess at the base of your pants.

Meanwhile, the Dome jacket not only has the aesthetic from the earlier years of snowboarding but the same fit as a 90s style Starter anorak jacket, which is perfect for snowboarding.

It gives you complete freedom of movement across your shoulders for flowing with the mountain’s features and plenty of room underneath to layer up on those gnarlier winter days.

Additionally, Quiksilver is making a push to secure a more sustainable future.

For the 20/21 Quiksilver outerwear collection, 95% is made with Eco-friendly manufacturing processes and materials, with the Dome jackets being part of this 95%.

“There aren’t too many outerwear companies out there that are taking initiative to try and use recycled fabric. Or, in Quiksilver’s case, take all the plastic water bottles and turn them into sick outerwear,” said Austen.

“Knowing that your outerwear is making a bit of an impact on helping the environment is a good feeling.”

The insulation for the Dome jacket is an Eco Insulation option, made from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, and Austen is correct. It’s a great feeling knowing your outerwear is helping the environment.

This kit is amazingly comfortable and slick as hell. A must get for anybody who has a taste for nostalgia and loves a bit of a faux-back but doesn’t want to sacrifice performance and tech for the retro look.

Needing some winter stoke? Click here to watch Austen in the kit, ripping it up in his latest film release ‘Boardslide Worldwide’…caution – will make you want to ride and glide in the High Altitude gear!


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