Reviewed: The Volcom 91 Gore-Tex Mitt

The mitt that has more features than a Dr Dre album...

It can’t be overlooked; mitts and gloves are one of the most essential pieces of armour we need to go riding, hands down! 

Whether you’re flicking the snow off your board, constantly dragging that palm along groomers laying into some deep Euro carves, or smashing down a few froths with your crew in the trees — you want some tough as nails mitts.

Meet the Volcom 91 Gore-Tex Mitt.

This is one tough son-of-a-bitch, with a soft and warm inside, like all good mitts. 

As it says in the name, the 91 Mitt runs with Gore-Tex and their +Warm Technology. This basically means your mitts won’t get all soggy on you around midday when our Aussie sun does its harshest work.

It also means your hands will have their own personal steam room, as the Gore-Tex +Warm Tech label is only given to the warmest gloves in Gore-Tex’s line. 

“But what about the hot days we have here in Australia?”

Yeah, I hear you, and so has Volcom. The 91 Mitt comes with a removable fleece liner mitt, so when the temps start to push too close to double figures, just rip that bad boy out, and you got yourself a spring mitt!

One unique feature of the 91 Mitt is their ‘Instant-on power-pull’ cuff. I cannot overstate this enough. This feature is CLUTCH! 

The amount of time spent fighting with your mitt cuff against the cuff of your jacket is infuriating, only to say fuck it and let snow and wind shoot up your forearm. 

But with the instant-on power-pull cuff, you can chuck your mitts on just as quickly as you ripped them off.

Of course, the 91 Mitt comes with all the creature comforts you need in a mitt!

The all-important mitt leash is a must-have on any mitt or glove. Suede nose wipe panel on the thumb to give your goggles the old window wiper after all your face shots (so far this season, that is also a must-have). And premium leather palms, giving max durability and grip.

The Volcom 91 Mitt comes in at $170aud, so on the cost-efficient side of the high-end range and for how robust this mitt is, it’s well worth the investment. Styling in comfort.


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