YAY OR NAY | Dissecting ALDI’s 2024 Snow Gear Sale

A snowboarder’s deep dive into the centre aisle of impulsive purchase.

There is no drop more compelling, more contented and more controversial than the annual ALDI snow gear sale. As of next week, roller doors around the nation will be raised, as frenzies of value-horny people upturn ALDI’s centre aisle hoping to score a deal on snow gear.

This sale and this range of CRANE-branded outwear offerings and accessories have always ruffled industry feathers since debuting over a decade ago. And while there may be a few outliners – the consensus is that these products essentially get bums on seats, enabling people to experience the ever-increasingly expensive snow season.

So rather than dispute the viability of the 2024 ALDI snow range offering, let’s take a walk down the aisle of impulsive purchases.

The Brand – CRANE Sports

Rummage through any seasonal flop house and you’ll find traces of ALDI’s athletic house brand – CRANE among all the other snowboard-branded noise. You’ll find CRANE’s footprint most likely on thermals and socks. Even in the dens of the most opinionated riders, there will be some evidence of ALDI’s influence. We’ve witnessed plenty of sponsored riders with CRANE dripping from their board bags, and can probably hedge a bet that at one point Scotty James has treated himself to a little CRANE splurge. So, if you’re harbouring any reservations about donning the CRANE sports insignia this season, park it.

Consensus: Perfectly Acceptable

The Range – Outerwear

This season’s CRANE winter range comes in two offerings, CRANE ‘Snow Extreme’ and CRANE ‘Snow Premium’. The base-level ‘Snow Extreme’ is visually more appealing than their premium range, with ample waterproofing ratings across the board. Waterproof ratings are a strange beast, pour a cup of water on the fabric and marvel at the beading is the only real dry test until you’re caught mid-chair in an Aussie Winter whiteout. It’s here, particularly in the pants region will you notice if that 20k spec’d DWR coating is all that it’s cracked up to be.

Crane offers 12k/10k waterproofing/breathability in their base range, which is pretty well the standard these days, alongside coated zippers and bonded panelling. All the other bells and whistles are there too. The premium range gets 20k/20K waterproofing/breathability. If this was 2004, you’d be paying nearly $2000 for an Analog jacket with those kind of specs. It’s a testament to the value of gear these days, snowboarding products are a lot cheaper than days of old.

The fits look somewhat conservative, surf-wear brand-like and the colour schemes are akin. Again, safe as houses, it’s all very staple. 

Consensus:  Dependable

The Range – Accessories

Impending gear porn alert! these accessories are where we go CRANE INSANE. the absolute hero of this year’s CRANE accessory range is the Adults premium soft shell balaclava – a glacial-booter-camp textbook look. An absence of premium Crane mitts, which have been worn by riders in the pages of Transfer, makes way for some chunky looking gloves.

Underlayers-wise, the softshell jackets give definitive mountain ops vibes, and the boiled wool ‘sherpa’ jackets are overshadowed by the greatest offering in the range …

The heavy-duty boot dryer – like Supreme releasing a set of bolt cutters or an embossed brick in their range, ALDI have done the same with this 240-volt hype beast. This will sell fast.

The aforementioned crane thermals and socks are always well-indexed by snowboarders and are usually in good supply. No need to rush.

Consensus:  Frenzy-inducing 

The range – Eyewear and helmets

Unfortunately the buck of praise stops with CRANE’s eyewear offering. A mutant spherical goggle has appeared, and straight from the 2021 Julbo catalog. But thankfully, goggles are always that one item snow-goers tend to spend big on. Pass.

The $30 helmet is also a hard no, lacking any certification, we’d be reluctant to knock ourselves silly in this thing. 

Consensus: Hard No

Our shopping list

Most desirable item: Heavy Duty boot/glove dryer – $49.99

Most practical purchase: Adults Merino Blend Ski Socks- $9.99

Most unexpected purchase: Quarter Zip Snow Hoodies – $49.99

Worst looking item: Adults Ski Goggles – $17.99

Worst purchase: Ski Helmet – $29.99

View the Aldi x CRANE Snow Range HERE


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