Audio Gold | Russell Winfield and Selema Masakala Break It Down…

Listen up, listen up...


A podcast that you can listen to from start to finish are hard to come by these days…especially in the action sports industry. Intellectual insights are a rarity and it’s filled with more ‘bros’ and ‘yews’ than one can handle.

Alas! Good friend, fellow snowboarder and supporter of all things ‘good’ happening in snowboarding right now Russell Windfield, has just launched his own podcast platform. A space to talk about what he wants with who he wants.

I’ve been on many a snowboard trips over the years, and have never met someone with as many insights into snowboarding and abroad – calling it exactly how it is…no bullshit.

Russell is the first ever African-American professional snowboarder and a living legacy to say the least. For his first episode he’s teamed up with Selema Masekela, who is a prominent voice in the surf, snow and skate industry. The duo dive in deep, talking about everything from their childhood, riding and the current state of affairs.

Listen up and learn from the insights from two key icons. Enjoy.


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