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Isolation, colder weather, winter just around the corner…what better way to spend these times than by getting nostalgic and digging deep into the archives.

Isolation, colder weather, winter just around the corner…what better way to spend these times than by getting nostalgic and digging deep into the archives.

We hit up iconic Australian based snowboard photographer Andrew Fawcett to supply us with his top ten images he’s ever shot in Australia…some of these have never seen the light of day. Incredible. Enjoy.

Russell Holt turn on the Sentinel 2008: I’ll never forget this camping trip with Russ, Dave and Jenno shooting for the first issue of Transfer. We were out there for 3 nights, it snowed for our last day the sun came out and this happened…it would be a run Russ will never forget. Glad I was there to shoot it.

Ryan Tiene BS 720 Indy at Charlotte Pass 2012: Ryan is my favourite, always down to have fun and so consistent. He was on the DC international team at the time and absolutely killing it. Chris Higgs kindly invited us up to Charlotte’s to shoot photos for a few days and this is one of them. I liked the blue sky and style of Ryan in this shot. A different angle of the road gap.

Clint Allan Ally Oop FS 360 at Blue Cow 2014: The Perisher Parks crew built a beautiful hip for a bunch of riders to session. There were some heavy hitters in the crew and Clint, as he does, man handled the jump. Love the look of frontside 360 frontside grabs.

Ben Fawcett Indy Kosci 2012: It was the end of the day and dark once we got to this spot. The run out is straight into a creek, so some wet consequences if you can’t pull up in time. I really liked this shot as getting to shoot terrain like this in Australia is not easy and at the time this felt like a win. Ben nailed it.

Troy Sturrock Ollie at Perisher 2014: I was lucky to do a month shooting for Perisher Resort in August 2014. Having all my lighting gear with me I wanted to try and shoot some night photos. Joel Cantle and Troy stayed around one afternoon and we shot 4 different things in the space of 50 metres. Here, I wanted to silhouette Troy showcasing the Gum tree, I had 3 flashes lighting the tree. 

Roope Tonteri FS 360 at Thredbo 2018: Jeremy Richardson kindly asked me along to shoot photos while he was filming Roope, Enni and Rene on an August powder day. What could be better! It felt like Siberia in the trees that day it was so cold and quiet. Roope doesn’t miss this trick…so here it is. Aussie powder photo!

Marcus Kleveland Sunrise at Perisher Park 2015: Charles Beckinsale and the media crew at Perisher gave me the green light to shoot some of the international riders training at Perisher. I was super excited and brought my flashes to light the rider maintaining the low light in the foreground and rich colour of the sunrise in the background. Thanks for ripping Marcus.

Jon Jensen Turn at Thredbo 2008: Jon and I have had some epic days snowboarding together. I remember meeting him when he was 15 and have never seen so much energy from a young shredder. Years later when I started taking photos of snowboarding he was always down for a mission no matter what the idea was. One of many shots we have done together. 

Nick Gregory Method at Thredbo 2007: Nick is the best, I don’t think anyone would disagree. We hiked out from Thredbo in horrible weather this day. I begged Nick to pop a method off this rock and I remember he was not that into it because it was small but kindly obliged. It was a fish-eye job for sure, I like the way the photo came out. It is true of the day.

Charles Beckinsale Nose Tap at Thredbo 2011: This log was a feature for the Ripcurl Freeride Event at the Bluff I believe. It was lying down in the snow and we were looking for things to take photos of. It was Tom Munro and Charles out on that super foggy day, no one was on the mountain so we got away with standing it up and shooting this photo. Thanks for all the good times and ripping over the years Charles.  


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