Aussie Pro Snowboarder Found Guilty in $105 Million ATO Tax Fraud Scheme

Ex Aussie Pro Snowboarder busted in one of the biggest tax scams in Australian history...

Busted. Aussie snowboarding prodigy, Jason Onley, has recently been found guilty in a massive $105 million tax fraud scheme targeting the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). One of the biggest ever recorded tax scams in Australian history.

Jason was one of five involved in the Tax Fraud Scheme, one of them a son of a former high-ranking Tax Office official. Simply put, the crew operated a company called Plutus Payroll which collected gross wages from employers before money that should have gone to the ATO by way of GST and Pay As You Go (PAYG) tax was siphoned via “second tier” companies. Dummy directors installed in those companies were random and unconnected, including drug addicts who accepted money to open bank accounts in their names.

The scam was exposed following an investigation by the Australian Federal Police with assistance from the ATO as part of Operation Elbrus, and a covert operation gathered evidence about the defendants’ awareness and involvement.

The group, while cashing up lashed out on luxury items, Onley, allegedly generated significant funds from the scheme, put towards a Porsche Cayman and Macan, a BMW, a share in a luxury boat, a St Kilda unit and Collingwood property in Melbourne, and a $2 million house in Vaucluse in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Not bad for an Aussie snowboarder!

Image: Larry Prosor

Following a comprehensive and marathon long investigation and subsequent legal proceedings, Jason Onley was found guilty of multiple charges related to the ATO tax fraud scheme. The courts, armed with compelling evidence, handed down a verdict that holds Onley accountable for his involvement in this significant financial fraud. The legal consequences he now faces are severe, with two of the five members now being sentenced with up to nine years in prison.

Onley is currently awaiting sentencing alongside the reaming two others, who have all been found guilty on similar charges.


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