Caught Up | Valentino Guseli Injury Update…

We caught up with Valentino to chat his recent crash, injury and what the road ahead looks like...

Our favourite 16 year old super snowboarder, Valentino Guseli took a nasty bail over at The Stomping Grounds in Switzerland the other day. He’s a little busted up, but he’s not phased…at all.

We caught up with Val for a quick chat on the injury and what his road back on the board looks like.

Transfer: Val! We’re bummed to hear about your injury! How you doing? And what did you break?

Val: I’m gooood! Staying positive through the process. I broke both bones in my left arm. Here’s an x-ray from it.

Oh man! The stack looked gnarly. How you feeling?

Feeling good. It’s only a minor injury from a stack that could have been more serious. I won’t be out long and I plan to use the time to my advantage.

How long are you out for?

No longer than 6 weeks.

That’s good news! And how are you using the time to your advantage?!

Just tightening a few things on and off the hill so that I can come back firing.

Will you miss any major comps? Or back in time to kick off the comp season?

Fortunately no, all the major contests I am focused on are later so I have time to be ready for them. There was a big air in a few weeks that I was excited for but I will have to wait till next year to hit that one.

That’s great news. What’s the vibe like up at Saas Fee at the moment? The setup looks out of control.

So cool, everyone is throwing down. Went up the other day post injury just to go and watch and saw some pretty awesome stuff. Charles, Jeremy and the crew always put an amazing park and pipe together. It’s the best training ground for coming into the Northern Hemisphere season!

Who you got your eye on up there? Biggest threat?

Scotty and Ayumu! They’re killing it.

Are you going to hang in Saas Fee while you recover? Or you on the move somewhere else?

Going to Salzburg Austria thanks to Red Bull to do my recovery at their athlete facilities to give myself the best chance of recovering fast.

Amazing…and finally, can we expect more Tik Toks?

Haha hell yea me and Tom’s (coach) minds are racing for more ideas!

We recently sat down before he jetted over to Switzerland for a solid chat on our podcast ‘The Dump’. Click here to check it out…We chat all things Olympics, run-ins with the law, life on the road, world records and lots more!


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