CIRCUIT BREAKER Premiere | Deep Dive Into What I Can Remember From a Brain Zapper of a Night…

What really happened at the premiere of CIRCUIT BREAKER...

Words: Snow White

Oh man. What a night. I’ve managed to collect some thoughts, wash off the hangover and punch out an attempt at putting words on keyboard.

It all kicked off in the back room of Cocina with bottomless buckets of Better Beer everyone from the get go was flaring. I mean really flaring!

Was good to meet heaps of great people from pro’s, washed pro’s and wannabe pro’s and talk some good ol’ fashion shit. Film premieres are great – free booze, good crew and most of the time a good film to enjoy and stoke the fire.

As time went on traffic increased in certain areas….Upstairs was tequila shots galore on the house (thanks Transfer) followed by the movie. Oh yeah…the movie! That was pretty epic…make sure to give it a watch. With only three weeks overseas, lockdowns, a broken shoulder and the usual drama both Jye & Josh stacked heaps of clips and put together an A class film. Watch it here:

Our next destination onwards from Cocina was the renowned Wednesday night Banjo dance floor, and boy were we ready to go cut some shapes.

The rest of the night was one big blur. I remember being in the bathroom, next minute in the giant arms of security being dragged outside. Sucks I got kicked out but was a great night regardless.

I even had the courtesy bus waiting for me! So not all that bad.

Keen for the next one, thanks to everyone that made it happen.

Peep the full gallery here.


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