First Look | Exclusive Red Bull Week at The Stomping Grounds in Saas Fee

Turbo times right now over in Saas Fee, Switzerland. Red Bull's elite team has The Stomping Grounds to themselves for a week! Here's a first taste...

The Southern Hemi season is almost at an end, the Northern summers are officially wrapped. Pro-snowboardings elite are now parting ways from their cruisy no job summers filled with beer, ocean and good times for their winter jobs – snowboarding, beer and good times. Tough.

This seasons a little different. It’s Olympic season. And if you’re an elite snowboarder, you’re working for a podium…well, most of them.

It all starts NOW! In Saas Fee, Switzerland at the Aussie Charles Beckinsales brain child ‘The Stomping Grounds’. For this week and this week only, Red Bull have booked the whole fucking thing out and are putting on a training camp for their entire global snow team. It kicked off yesterday and shits already hitting the fan. Running through to 3 October.

We caught up with Charles to get an insight and sneak peek into the exclusive week that’s roped off strictly for Red Bull riders and their entourage.

Who’s there? You got Mark McMorris, Marcus Kleveland, Valentino Guseli, Scotty James, Luke Winkleman, Anna Gasser, Brock Crouch, Craig McMorris, Clemens Millauer, Sebastien Toutant and more!

The goal? Give all Red Bull riders wings. Really spread out wings, because they have the entire ‘Stomping Grounds’ setup to themselves!

Charles has the coveted list of riders that are making the migration to Switzerland for early season training at his facilities. He said “For the pipe session, it’s basically everyone at the top of the game, including Scotty James, Shaun White, Ayumu Hirano, Yuto Totsuka and a tonne more”.

“For the slope, it’s again, pretty much everyone in it to win it plus some super OG legends like Torstein Horgmo, Sage Kotsenburg, Zak Hale and Mikkel Bang. Mikkel? Must be going for early season Natural Selection training. Smart.

Want to see the action from the first day of Red Bull’s week? Below is day one gold, stay tuned for more updates from on the ground coming soon!


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