Future Is Now | Sophie Nicholls-Austin

Age: 25

Nickname: Georgia

Home Mountain: I grew up close to Perisher and call that home now, but I learnt to snowboard in Whistler

Years Riding: Coming up to six years.

People You Love to Ride with: My twin sister G, all the boys from Perisher, Put It in the Bowl Crew and all my other friends

Favourite Trick: Front Blunt to Regular

Stance: Regular

Music: Every day. Every song I listen to is really different. I basically find a couple of songs I get really pumped on and just listen to them on repeat until they start to get annoying

Ride Snowboards, Airblaster and The Mountain Garage

Who or what inspires you and why? My twin sister Georgia – she gets it. If I’m ever being too much of a pussy to hit or try something, she’ll hit it first. That will get me pumped up to try it, even if she eats shit. Thanks G. 

Where will you be in five years? Hopefully snowboarding and still really happy.

What fills your time apart from snowboarding? I’ve been doing back to back seasons for the past four years now, so not a lot else. Mainly working and eating.

Describe your ideal day? It starts with Georgia cooking me breakfast, followed by yoga, spring boarding with a bunch of friends, a few beverages on a patio, Monopoly Deal (or any card game and preferably winning) and eating any other food Georgia feels like cooking that day.

Where’s your favourite place to ride and why? Seriouslyanywhere with friends and slushy snow.

Is there anything or anyone outside of snowboarding that influences your attitude towards your snowboarding? Watching the boys get it at the Kamloops skatepark. Seeing what they take from skateboarding and morph into their snowboarding is really cool.

What’s your plan for the upcoming winter Down Under?

Board every day and work every night.



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