Future is Now | Sunny Steele Interview

Sunny Steele is one of the now established kids rising the ranks on his snowboard in Australia. Having recently signed with Rip Curl, we caught up with him to chat all things Sunny.

Sunny Steele. What a name. Never heard of him? We have, and have had eyes on him for quite sometime now. From a young age, Sunny has been dominating the local and international slopestyle scene, progressing like a mad man.

Each winter, Sunny blows minds with trick selection, consistency and now more than ever…style! He’s got his eyes set on a solid future in snowboarding and ain’t letting anything get in his way whilst on the path of chasing it.

Sunny this winter signed with Rip Curl as the new sticker on his board and we couldn’t more stoked for him. Well deserved.

We caught up with the 17 year old from Northern NSW to chat over his winter, plans for the Northern Hemi and what it’s like to join the iconic Rip Curl team.

Image: Jesse Kennedy

Transfer: Sunny! How’s things going mate? Where are you currently?

Sunny: Hey! Doing really good, back up home now in northern NSW.

Where were you based for the winter? Did you get much riding in this season?

Yeah this season was epic! I was down in Jindabyne riding Perisher for most of the season. It was a sick snow season this year little bit bummed that covid cut it short though.

Yeah! It was a weird and wonderful season. Did you just lap your brains out in Front Valley Park? Or did you venture out a little?

Yeah lapped front valley pretty much everyday all day such a great setup. Then got some time to go for some hikes and get some backcountry shots when lockdowns were introduced.

Nice! And not many comps went down…but how was your competitive season?

It was awesome to get a couple of comps in cause that’s what i love to do and to also get some good results!

What was the standout comp and result?

Standout comp was definitely the Banked Slalom! Such a fun comp and stoked to place 2nd!

Great answer! Stoked we got that event in before the lockdown hit. You recently signed with Rip Curl this season…you must be stoked on the new sticker?

Yes absolutely over the moon, Ripcurl has been one of my favourite brands since I was little and I’m so stoked to represent that brand and have that sticker on my board!

Image: Jesse Kennedy

Pretty rad joining a team with Chris Rasman, Nate Johnstone and more! What’s the plans for overseas? Are you going to head over?

Yes so stoked to be apart of the crew! Planning to head to Europe to get some training in and prepare for some comps.

Sweet! First stop…Saas Fee?

Yes! Hopefully can make it there, best resort!

And so the plans are this Northern Hemisphere to compete and stack some more tricks?

Yes definitely! And get heaps of film!

Dope! And what’s the plans for your snowboarding in the future? Are you eyeing of the comp scene? Or looking to go in another direction?

Competition snowboarding is defiantly my dream, would love to see how far I can go in that and I’ve got big dreams for the future! At the same time also would love to get heaps of film and make a couple movies!

Love it! So what’s your favourite Rip Curl outerwear you’re currently running?

The Free Ride Search Jacket and Search Snow Pant is what I was rocking this season! And I absolutely loved it, definitely the most comfy and best gear I’ve been in.

Image: Jesse Kennedy

Sick! And favourite rider on the team?

Nate Johnstone for sure, such a nice guy and absolutely rips on a board!

Rad! Good luck overseas Sunny and we’ll be sure to be keep tabs on your season

Thanks heaps Richie and thanks to all my sponsors backing me – Rip Curl, Nitro Snowboards, Electric, Lucky Bling, ESS Boardstore, Skullcandy and Howl.


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