Future Is Now | Valentino Guseli

Valentino is the kid you always wanted to be. Fearless, insanely committed, naturally talented and best of all, humble.

The 13-year-old is by far, one of the best snowboarders right now in the Southern Hemisphere. He’s not a huck and chuck grom, he oozes style seemingly impossible from someone of his age. He rides to Led Zeppelin and knows exactly what he’s doing, and what he wants to do, on his board. In a word – badass!

His competitive drive, combined with his love of snowboarding is incredible. He rips the pipe, park, rails and backcountry terrain, pushing the limits in every discipline. He is the ultimate all-rounded snowboarder.

If there’s anyone that can make it to the top, it’s Val.

Image: Andrew Fawcett

Age: 13

Home Mountain: Perisher

Years Riding: 10

People You Love to Ride with: Jesse Parkinson & Ethan Copeland

Favourite Trick: Switch Back Rodeo Japan

Stance: Regular

Music: Led Zeppelin

Supporters: Burton, Volcom, Oakley, Boost, Vestal, Rhythm Snowboard Shop, Ski Travel Co

Who inspires you?

Scotty James. He is such a hard worker and puts his all into what he does. Plus, he is from Australia.

Outside of snowboarding, who influences your attitude?

Not so much outside of snowboarding, but my Dad. He has taught me not to be soft and to take the opportunities that come to me.

Where will you be in five years?

Still shredding!

What fills your time apart from snowboarding?

Surfing, surfing and surfing.

Describe your ideal day?

Waking up on an awesome bluebird day! Riding a perfect pipe and park, then riding down the hill to pumping surf until the sun sets. That would be followed by eating a tonne of seafood.

Where’s your favourite place to ride?       

LAAX, because the pipe is so perfect and the park is on point!

I also love Perisher, because that’s where I grew up riding. It has produced a lot of my favourite memories.

Best result this winter?

Definitely winning the 2019 US Open Junior Jam in Vail. Super stoked on that!

What’s your plan for the upcoming winter Down Under?

Snowboarding as much as possible, surfing and having fun.


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