Holy Shiii…Holy Bowly’s Back!

The Holy Grail of Creativity is Back; Holy Bowly and it's better than ever...

Words: James Herring

Compile the reasons why most of us want to ride Holy Bowly and you’ll notice the answers become much the same after a while. It helps us unlocks our creative minds, it lets us find new style and flow in our riding, but most of all, because it’s fucking fun. 

Holy Bowly is the tranny Mecca. It is the event that perfectly embodies all of these emotions and experiences, which is why it is circled on the calendar each year.

But after no Bowly last year, it’s damn good to see Krush Kulesza and the Snowboy Productions crew back after it again. 

The event course looks bigger and more badass than ever. We suggest taking a minute to mind-carve your way through the craters, onto the domes, into some clean side hits and down to a massive volcano kicker at the end. 

A plethora of clips have already been funneling out of the Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood course already, turning the froth-o-meter up to 11. 

Our mate Austen Sweeten just finished up the Brain Bowl session at Baker, dropped a cheeky Boardslide Worldwide edit and made his way down the coast to Hood. 

Where he did the most Sweeten thing he could, and went balls to the wall and launched a massive back one on the Volcano.

Hopefully, he and filming homie Sean Lucey’s next edit is a Holy Bowly Boardslide Worldwide.

A few of the other Quiksilver riders showed out as well, including Bryan Fox and the current tweak lord, Griffen Siebert. Who threw down this massive poked out method. 

But the clip of the day has to go to the bowl king, Forest Bailey. Logan Beaulieu gives us a smooth follow cam of Bailey as he navigates the perfectly sculptured course and attempts to method air to the sun. 

So events like this are back, and we’re pumped! The last Holy Bowly in 2019 was the first-ever and only Australian stop out at Thredbo. It’s super encouraging to see the Snowboy Prod crew smashing it again. Hopefully, we can persuade them to come back south soon. 

We can’t wait to see what else will come out from the final days of Holy Bowly at Timberline. We have a feeling the most mind-melting riding is yet to come.


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