Industry Insider | Tess Coady Signs with Monster Energy

One of our favourite boarders has returned from her tear of a Northern Hemi season as has a green scar to show for it...

Tess Coady is on a roll, and she ain’t slowing down.

Need a recap of her past Northern Hemi results? It started with a Bronze at the iconic LAAX Open Slopestyle event, then into Bronze at the World Champs Slopestyle event in Aspen, also taking out 5th at the World Champs Big Air, then into Bronze at the World Cup Slopestyle event.

How did she finish? Like a QUEEN. Literally. She was the QUEEN of the Audi Nines event, winning all 3 categories…an exquisite clean sweep – best trick, most creative and ruler of the week.

Since then, Tess has returned home and is more hungry than ever. Recently posting back up in the snow town of Jindabyne, she’s rocking a new sticker on her kit, and we’re stoked for her.

A well deserved signing for Tess to Monster Energy and will make another incredible addition to the team. Tess joins the likes of Charles Reid, Ethan Morgan, Yuto Totsuka, Jill Perkins, Chloe Kim, Jamie Anderson and fellow Kiwi’s Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, Carlos Garcia-Knight and Will Jackways!

Stay tuned for most exciting news dropping from Tess soon!


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