Interview | Georgia Nicholls-Austin Joins Team Volcom

Well deserved! One of Australia's best riders has just signed with Volcom. We caught up with Georgia to check in and chat...

Some exciting news! Aussie rider and Perisher local, Georgia Nicholls-Austin has just signed with Volcom. Georgia has been on a tear the past few winters, styling on steel and in the streets. She rides with confidence, style and is pushing the boundaries in the female snowboarding space.

We caught up with Georgia to chat about the new sticker and outerwear she’s rocking plus lots more…

Transfer: Georgia! What’s going on? Where are you calling home base for winter?

Georgia: Heyyy! Just been snowboarding today. Living in Jindabyne, riding Perisher for the season.

Rad! Was it a pain not being able to get overseas this summer?

Pretty heartbreaking haha, but summer was a nice change, got to chill heaps. I feel like I live a pretty busy lifestyle during the winters.

Tell me about it! So, some exciting news just dropped…you’ve just signed with Volcom. Stoked?

Yeah super hyped! Volcom is such a sick brand, I’m exited to be working with them and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.

Who’s your favourite rider on the Global Volcom team?

Well Desiree just got on, massive inspiration. She’s a boss! Haha but also Benny Milan, Mike Rav, Reid Smith, Brendon Rego are all up there!

Dope all rounded team. So what’s the plans this winter? Are you filming for anything particular?

Going to be boarding as much as possible. Not filming for anything in particular, but keen to get some clips and get something out there.

I guess with no overseas again on the cards, it would be amazing to see some Aussie street riders get after it and film this season.

Yeah definitely, Soph and I are currently trying to buy a camera due to the lack of filmers in the area. So we are hoping to film as much as possible!

Seems like there’s quite the buzz in the female rider scene at the moment. Who are some of your favourite chicks in the Southern Hemisphere?

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott & Tess Coady are both insane boarders. And my twin Soph has been getting it too!

You’re a park / street rail rider at heart…any ambition to dive into some freeriding this winter?

If we get some good pow, I’m definitely down to get into bigger terrain. Last season was one of the worst snow falls I believe Australia’s had…so hoping for the complete opposite this year. We’ve already had some solid dumps so far!

Yes! Fingers crossed. Final question. What Volcom kit and you running this winter?

This winter I’m running the Arthur Longo pro model kit. I love his outwear line it’s clearly designed by a rider for riders.

Yeah it’s so sick! What colours you running? Maybe we’ll be matching …

Forest Green and Black jacket with Black pants to match.



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