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The simple act of snowboarding with all round ripper Forrest Shearer

Words: The Bomb Hole

How many Clif Bars does one eat in a lifetime? Tough to say; but Forrest Shearer is claiming over five thousand. From the most iconic session to ever go down on Chad’s gap to breaking down the art of the turn, Forrest Shearer showed up with answers.

He’s an environmentalist at heart and uses his love for snowboarding as a bridge to connect with other people and places he otherwise wouldn’t have. Forrest is powered by his own two feet and still managed to summit Denali with practically no preparation.

He’s hoping to be be able to hit Chad’s gap one more time at age 100 so we recommend you keep your eyes on him.

Sit down, grab your granola, and join us as we keep the banter flowing with Forrest Shearer on this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole!


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