New Book Out Now Offering Insightful Perspective On Craig Kelly’s Life and His Tragic Ending…

Eric Blehm New Book 'The Darkest White' is out now ready to read or listen.

“Eric Blehm offers an insightful perspective on how Craig Kelly became the effortless icon that we all revered as well as sobering details of how his heroic journey tragically ended. The Darkest White is a must read, not just for fans of snowboarding, but for anyone looking for inspiration from an unlikely hero.”—Tony Hawk

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Blehm’s storytelling prowess shines through as he unveils the tragic events surrounding Craig Kelly’s demise in the 2003 Durrand Glacier Avalanche—a catastrophic incident that claimed the lives of seven individuals. Echoing the thunderous crack that marked that fateful day, The Darkest White takes readers on a rollercoaster ride through the Northern Selkirk Mountains in British Columbia, Canada.

Craig Kelly, often hailed as “the Michael Jordan of snowboarding,” left the competitive scene to rediscover his love for the sport in the rugged alpine wilderness of North America. The Darkest White paints a poignant portrait of Kelly’s extraordinary life, tracing his journey from a latchkey kid to a revolutionary figure who transformed winter sports.

Beyond the personal narrative, Blehm delves into the cultural movement that propelled snowboarding from a niche Gen X hobby to a billion-dollar industry. The book provides an immersive account of the sport’s evolution, replete with feuds, rivalries, and the relentless pursuit of excellence that defined an era.

At its core, The Darkest White serves as a cautionary tale, offering a mesmerizing portrayal of the mountains’ allure and glory, juxtaposed with the unforgiving fury of avalanches. Blehm’s meticulous research and narrative finesse ensure that readers are not only captivated by the life of Craig Kelly but also immersed in the broader landscape of snowboarding culture.

As Jack Carr, New York Times bestselling author of The Terminal List series, aptly puts it, “The Darkest White grabbed me and didn’t let go.” Eric Blehm’s biography unfolds like a perfectly executed halfpipe run—graceful, stylish, and unrelenting. This is not just a story; it’s an experience that resonates with the essence of Transfer Mag, capturing the heart and soul of snowboarding’s iconic journey.”

You can purchase the book to read now here, or the audiobook here (offered free as part of premium spotify subscription).


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