UPDATE: GNU Now also drop Nicolas Müller, joining Thirty Two…

What's going on?

LATEST UPDATE (16/6/20): Nicolas has also just been dropped by his board sponsor GNU Snowboards this morning. We’re still unsure as to what the exact content Nicolas shared was that has resulted in both Thirty Two and GNU dropping him…As neither brand have commented on the detail. But this is going to be big news and a huge discussion amongst the community.

We are pretty sure it will raise a BIG question – Where is the line drawn in relation to an athlete having the freedom to share their own personal opinions and views (as long as they aren’t dangerous, divisive, racist)?

Without visibility on the content Nico shared, or any specific comment by the sponsors, it’s hard to know in this situation.

This is all GNU have shared…


This post above from GNU over the weekend…

Previous Article (posted Monday 15 June):

Crazy times right now people. It’s been one hell of a ride this year off the snowboard and the situation across the globe right now is really, really tense.

Early this morning we noticed that Thirty Two had publicly announced via social media that Nicolas Müller was no longer riding for the company. Thirty Two said “Nicolas Muller is an amazing snowboarder. 32 and Nicolas have parted ways and we wish him the very best”.

Word has it that Nicolas recently shared some controversial content surrounding the George Floyd killing and then one thing obviously led to another.

This has been a time where a lot of brands in the snowboard industry and abroad have come out and openly stamped their position surrounding the #BlackLivesMatter movement to help bring global justice, healing and freedom to Black people around the world.

Nicolas’ video he was sharing obviously was not Thirty Two’s cup of tea!

Professional Snowboarder Austin Smith posted on the situation on his social media today stating that “It’s not my place to start this conversation but I hope the snowboard media will. Right now there’s speculation and room for imagination. Nico is a GOAT snowboarder and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to snowboard with him. However, while there is a conversation focused on police accountability, people and brands are looking inward at their own accountability, which, I believe is a good thing. Snowboard is a small community that could benefit from uncomfortable conversations, it’s how we learn“.

We jumped onto Nicolas Instagram page to try and gather some more detail and stumbled across some direct comments relating to the situation.

Nico hasn’t officially commented yet but shared the below instagram story. Adds some balance towards his side of the story.

It’s good to note that not all the comments directed towards Nico are all negative. People are jumping in and calling out Thirty Two as you can see in the below comment from @em83plunk, stating that “the mountains were the one place you could be and think what you want and not be judged”.

Crazy times. Stay tuned for updates…


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