ON THE GEAR | What’s The North Face’s Cheapest Gear All About?

A stylish initiative to lower the cost of your snowboard kit.

Inclusiveness and affordability are two strange bedfellows in the current snowboarding climate. Snowboard culture has never been in a better place in terms of acceptance, celebration and the wanting to share what has been somewhat gatekept for so long. Yet those open arms butt right up against affordability with a barrier of entry now entirely cost-related (as if it hasn’t always).

The one area, where snowboarding’s stakeholders are in a position of change, and have been proactive in trying to bring that cost barrier down is in the gear realms. The North Face is a brand not exactly synonymous with affordability, but they’re certainly synonymous with advocating change and their new Lift Collection embodies this idea of inclusivity, and does so successfully in hand with affordability. 

When two really good people, who snowboard really well come together as one – The Lift Collection is born.

In short, The North Face know with the cost of living (and riding) going up, the chance of snowboarding is going down. And they’re doing what they can about it. Enter The Lift Collection.

The Lift Collection is a union of inclusivity and affordability. In partnership with Jess Kimura and Erik Leon, whom both are of particular influence when it comes to active participation in initiatives aimed at supporting those underrepresented from within and outside snowboarding. They are salt-of-the-earth type operators that are ‘doing good’ for snowboarding, and rolling up their sleeves every bit of the way. It’s why snowboarding really does heart both of these guys …

Jess and Erik also have particularly good style, and ‘get it’ with their on and off-board ethos. So it’s no surprise that all pieces within the Lift Collection are heaters. But what caught our attention is the sheer price point of the Build Up Jacket ($375 AUD/$425 NZD) and Pant ($275 AUD / $325 NZD). With that relaxed fit accommodating Erik’s lift-and-shift type trickery, alongside a silhouette that would look good on anyone, this kit sucks your eyes in and its price tag seals the deal. It can be overwhelming.

Look no further, this is the fit.

The tech is all there, and of the quality you’d expect to pay double the price of. Considering TNF is pretty well the benchmark in which all outerwear is measured off, in all kinds of alpine pursuits – we’re absolutely certain that this kit has you covered for your in-bound, all-weather antics. Pocketing, ventilation and mod cons are there too, even the polarising use of powder skirts. Japan friendly, yes.

There’s a black top and bottom option for the understated, and a print option available too by an artist synonymous with the outdoors – Dusty Nomad. We’d definitely have no qualms in wearing the jacket off the hill and the pants are sure to be one of those items that retailers literally can’t keep enough stock off thanks to their look and price.

This is the kinda riding this outerwear suits best, which is fine by us.

We’ve only ever been impressed with the durability and waterproofing of our TNF gear, and alongside these pieces and in the spirit of this Lift Collection’s mission statement to higher inclusivity is the giveaway of 30 lift tickets and gear aswell – lots of it. Head over to @thenorthface_aunz insta to see how you can win one of the lift tickets. 

Essentially, these two pieces of outerwear are at a price point that’s been historically reserved for some pretty average equipment. Yet, both in fit, form, and function the Build Up pant and jacket really are a testament to The North Face’s initiative to do what they can to help lower the cost of snowboarding, and they haven’t made a single compromise with these two particular pieces.

This is where your pass will be going when you either win one, or save up.

 It might’n be the silver bullet solution to solving all of snowboarding’s affordability woes but the fact that they’re giving 30 lift tickets away this season alongside a heap of this very gear really is a welcomed initiative. If it gets you and your mates snowboarding, we’re all for it.

It’s hard to fault this offering from The North Face and we’ll be happily running this all season long, and into the next. Ease that squeeze, and get the people boardin’.

What we be lovin’:

  • Winter and Spring compatible with off-hill wearability.
  • Relaxed fit and sizing is on point
  • Black colourway is an option
  • Price and value of tech, waterproofing, brand.

What we be hatin’:

What’s it cost?:

Build Up Jacket $375 AUD / $425 NZD
Build Up Pant $275 AUD / $325 NZD

Mates and snowboarding, the way it should be.


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