On The Ground Gear Review | Anon M4 Goggles + MFI

Tested in the Aussie elements, here's your on the ground review of the Anon M4's + MFI

Reviewed: Matt Taylor

Looking at the M4’s and no I’m not referring to the absolute abomination that is Sydney’s motorway, we’re looking at goggles with the Perceive lens technology and MFI integration. For this gear review demo we had Toric lenses, but they are also available with Cylindrical, if that is more your style.

The main advantage for Toric is its optical accuracy and design to mimic the natural shape of your eye. The M4 is now the largest field of vision that Anon goggles has to offer so when it comes to peripheral vision the bigger the better, so you’ll be able to see those pizza plowers coming from miles away.

The M4’s use Anon’s classic Magna Tech which makes changing lenses easier than ever, the entire process only takes a few seconds and can be done on the chairlift or even mid run. So, with the ever-changing weather conditions, throw your spare lens in your bag or pocket and there will be no more excuses or complaints for having the wrong lens.

Perceive was released by Anon back in 2021 and has had roaring reviews with its true visual clarity and definition enhancing technology, which lets any snowboarder get the absolute truest depth perception of the alpine environment, no matter the light or weather conditions you may face. Think James Bond on snow.

Ben Ferguson in AK. The next best thing to James Bond on snow.

Anon offers a wide selection of lens choices covering the VLT scale (Visible Light Transmission) that would suit any rider’s preference. VLT refers to the percentage of light a lens allows through, for example a low percentage lens would be a dark tint such as black or silver, which is what you want on a beautiful blue bird day. The higher the percentage the more light will transmit through, like pink or amber, this is what you want when riding the storm. Perceive start at 4% and go all the way up to 72%, so even on those flat light days they’ve got you covered.

Perceive is also the first lens to have a hydrophobic moisture repellent coating on the outside of the lens, similar to the DWR coating on outerwear. NO MORE WATER STREAKS, toss that Ski gee in the bin! Luckily, but unluckily for me it did start to rain during my day so this feature got put to the test and I can wholeheartedly say this is no gimmick, water beading off the lens right before my very eyes! Literally!

So, you may be asking what is MFI? It is a patented face mask that stands for “Magnetic Facemask Integration” and is only unique to Anon. Having used M3’s in the past I’ll be honest I always opted out of the MFI face mask and had always been hesitate to cover my mouth and nose due fogging issues that I’ve had with balaclavas. With that being said, I wish I had gone in the other direction, I was surprisingly impressed with the breathability capabilities and comfort. Tucking your facemask into your goggle, as we all know, can be horrendous for fogging issues but, the MFI doesn’t interfere with the goggles venting systems.

Ben Ferguson wears Anon M4’s in AK…So he doesn’t need to worry about not seeing what’s in front of him.

It’s that easy it can be disconnected and reconnected with your mitt or glove on… no predigest. Check out how MFI’s integration can work best for you by going on Burton’s website where they offer many different weights, materials, colours, hoods and even base layers with MFI, so you can get the all-in-one package.

It’s 2023, those rays are hot and now more than ever being sun safe is so important, so if you have Anon goggles or are considering getting Anon in the future be sure to include the MFI mask, either attach and go, or stashed in your jacket. I’m convinced the new box slogan should be “MFI by Anon – Protect ya neck”.

Having used many different goggles in the past the M4’s really surprised me from the lens clarity, overall comfort to the many different options of the MFI range. What did it for me was the hydrophobic coating, streaky lenses are a huge pet peeve of mine so for me this was an absolute game changer.

Overall, I’d recommend these to anyone at any skill level, you’ll benefit from the countless features this goggle offers. Treat yourself.


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