Record Breaking Snowfall in Lake Tahoe! Highest December Ever…Currently 4.9 Metres

Lake Tahoe has just recorded it's highest ever amount of snowfall in December...ever...and it's still snowing.

The tap will not turn off! Lake Tahoe in California home to incredible resorts like Palisades, Rose, Heavenly and side and backcountry terrain like no other has been getting SLAMMED.

The UC Berkley Central Sierra Snow Laboratory just recorded the biggest December snowfall total in history coming in at 491cm…4.9 metres and it’s still snowing.

UC Berkley said “With a 24 hour official snow total of 38.9 inches at the lab, we have smashed the previous record of 179inches of snow in December set in 1970! Snow rates are still heavy and we could even break the 200 inch mark today!

That’s over 5 metres for all of us in the Southern Hemisphere.

The storm is currently taking over Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada Mountains right now with many ski resorts and roads closed as a result. Full blizzard mode.

There’s some Tahoe locals we always turn too for a peek into what’s going down.

This is from Jeremy Jones a few days ago, sharing a video of local ripper Taylor Carlton:

On the ground update from Palisades Tahoe:

Northstar not in operation today…too much snow!

California off to a cracker start of the season! Hopefully that tap just keeps on all winter.


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