Red Dog Takes Clean Sweep of Melbourne & Sydney Snow Expo Rail Jams after 2 Year Hiatus

We're calling the comeback of the century. The return of the iconic 'Red Dog'...

As it starts to get colder, the pre-season rail jam’s begin to randomly pop up across the country and boarders of all sorts come out of the dark to make their prestigious stamp on the winter scene early on.

Sadly, we lost a few things during covid – sanity, snowboarding and Sam ‘Red Dog’ Neumann. ‘Red Dog’ is an icon of the Aussie snowboarding scene and went off the grid roughly 2 years ago. Transfer was on the ground for the first rail jams of the season (yes, they are still a thing) and was pleasantly surprised to catch in the corner of our eye the rail wizardry of Sam ‘Red Dog’ Neumann.

Red Dog smoked the field of competitors, who were all banking on him to never return to a rail jam or snowboarding period. The field of competitors have been training overseas all winter to claim their pre-season clout in the Aussie rail scene, however ‘Red Dog’ who’s been hiding out in Byron Bay for the better part of 2 years, not touching a snowboard the entire time, got straight to work. A freak of nature, he’s got his eyes on a full blown comeback.

Word has it our editor has offered Red Dog a spot in his apartment in Jindabyne this winter so he can begin his comeback tour.

What’s next for ‘Red Dog’? We interviewed the legend himself to get the full scoop:

Transfer: Red Dog! Firstly, where the fuck have you been the last 2 years?

Red Dog: Umm well after COVID I moved back to Byron, where I grew up. Instead of being on the snowboard I found myself out in the water a tonne more even tho I get burnt hahaha. Also wake boarding and just hanging out with homies and trying to stay out of trouble plus found myself splitting bee hives and selling honey!

And then out of nowhere you rock up to the first pre-season rail jam in two years and take both the Melbourne & Sydney event out! Was that the first time you’ve ridden in 2 years?

Yeah that was the first time in over two years since I had rode on a board. When I got invited to the event, I was thinking to myself fuck, am I even gonna be able to do a front board. But at the end of the day I guess it was just a mind game, I had muscle memory and after a few runs it felt so natural. It was great to get my stoke back.

What’s the plans now? Are you going to hit up any other events this season? A comeback tour?

Umm yeah I’ll definitely be competing in some other comps throughout the year. I’m not gonna do a season but after getting my stoke back I’m so frothing to head down throughout the season, hopefully as much as possible.

So…Red Dog is back?

I guess you’ll have to wait and see!

You heard it here first.


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