Sam Taxwood | Overcoming & Pedaling Through Injuries…

Battling injuries is nothing new for snowboarders....Taxwood talks injury prevention, depression and more.

Our good friends over at Monster Children recently just dropped a new video and interview with everyones favourite snowboarder from Utah, Sam Taxwood.

Sam’s now 27 and has been battling injuries that past few years. A thing that not many of us get to see in the background. Whilst his crew of friends are making power moves to the top of their careers somewhat injury, Sam’s still been ticking boxes but has also been majorly held back due to hospitals, doctors, surgery and rehab.

The term “comes with the territory” gets thrown around a lot in the snowboarding world. Fuck that. Injury rehab and even better, injury prevention is something every snowboarder should be thinking, doing and adding into their routine.

Because at the end of the day…who doesn’t want to spend more time on snow, and less time under the knife and on the couch.

Check out the recent interview Monster Children did with Sam…All about cycling, injury-related depression and how he’s actively ensuring a longer snowboarding career. Respect.


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