SCURVY | A Snowboard Film in the Age of the Pandemic

The low down on everything about the new film dropping this week...

It’s been a hot minute since an all Australian and New Zealand snowboard film has dropped…actually five years to be exact!

Over the course of those 5 years, there has been an incredible influx of talent hit the scene. From kiwi comp lords turned backcountry gurus to young guns now dominating the street scene, snowboarding in the Southern Hemisphere has put itself on the global map and this new film SCURVY is going to stamp and deliver that message further.

Burton Snowboards and Pirate Life Beer joined forces to bring to life SCURVY, a snowboard film in the age of the pandemic. Marcus Skin, who was the conductor of the project and head filmer/editor was handed the freedom to select the two key ingredients to make the magic happen- location and crew.

Marcus has been deep in the snowboard filming scene for a while now and knows the hot spots plus the locations that you can get the most done, in a short period of time. He went for Sudbury located in Northern Canada for the street section and the ‘holy grail’ Whistler in British Columbia for the backcountry section. A perfect marriage of steel and snow.

The crew is essential – you need the best riders but also people you can travel for a month with and maybe share a bed with here and there when the budget gets tight. Marcus treated selecting his crew like his VIP birthday party guest list – best mates only. That’s the benefit of the tight Southern Hemi snowboard clique. The crew consisted of – Jye Kearney, Carlos Garcia-Knight, Troy Sturrock, Bryce Bugera, Josh Anderson, Maggie Leon and JJ Rayward.

We took a behind the scenes look at the SCURVY project this year and have just released the print book. It takes a deep dive into the ins and outs of filming a snowboard project and provides a detailed insight into – the people, the places, the lifestyle. You can grab a copy from all snowboard shops in Australia or bottle shops for free.

We’re not gonna spoil anymore for now. The video is premiering this Thursday 18 June at 7:30pm AEST! Head over to our site on Thursday and tune in for some much needed live action. To enhance the viewing experience…go grab a case of Burton x Pirate Life Frontside Ale and a special edition of Transfer with promo code SCURVY on the Pirate Life Store plus score 10% off. Click here to grab a case now.


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