Stomping Grounds Update | We Just Got a List of all the NBD’s…Most Progressive Week in Snowboarding…Ever?!

Shit is going down over at The Stomping Grounds, the progression right now has just entered a whole new level and vibes are at an ultimate high...

History is currently being made over at The Stomping Grounds in Saas Fee. It seems like each day there’s another never been done manouvere being done and then of course posted so we can all feast on. A nice breath of fresh air from the mind numbing tik tok dances and sunsets that somehow find their way into our feeds…every day.

We jumped on a quick phone call with the busiest man in Switzerland for a low down on everything that his eyes or ears have been subjected to over the past couple days. Our guy on the ground is Charles Beckinsale, the Aussie superstar park builder who created The Stomping Grounds and hasn’t had a day off the tools since September 7. Committed.

“It’s looking like the most progressive moment in snowboarding’s recent history with all these new tricks happening at the one place with all the best riders here pushing things together, the mood at the pipe today was electric, everybody stopped what they were doing to watch the guys jamming it. It was like watching gladiators fight to the death with the stakes being so high if they fell on a triple”.

“The riders are having to go around 20ft out to complete these tricks and every time one was landed the pipe erupted with the crew screaming, I witnessed three landed triples before lunchtime today, the game has elevated…big time”.

“All this is a testament to Jeremy Carpenter being able to build a perfect halfpipe for these riders to spend their pre-season in, it’s firm but the shape is on point like the riders in it.”

“It’s been hard to keep track of the list of NBD’s (Never Been Done’s) that have gone down here between the pipe and slopestyle but here are some of the stand outs, most NBD’s in one location ever?”

Ayumu Hirano
first ever landed frontside triple cork 14 in the halfpipe (he’s keeping the footage under wraps)

Yuto Totsuka followed up the day after with the second frontside 14 and then the first ever cab triple 14 the day that followed that.

Raibu Katayama cab double 14

Ruka Hirano with the third Frontside triple cork 14 today.

Chloe Kim first female cab 12 in the pipe. (She’s holding onto the footage).

Maddie Mastro first female frontside double 1080 in the pipe.

Scotty James has been going massive and doing a lot of his classic bangers as well as working on some new moves on the airbag…triple kinda moves.

Shaun White doing massive airs and dropping his classics, dabbling with the triple.

There are a few more riders working on triples in the airbag looking really close to taking them to snow, so the list will grow over the last few days here I’m sure. Wild times ahead.

On the Slopestyle side:

Taiga Hasegawa first snowboarder to do all 4 1800’s and with style.

Luke Winkleman frontside 1800 tail and switch backside triple 16’s.

Mons Roisland frontside 1800 indy tail.

Marcus Kleveland dropped a bunch of 14’s 16’s and an 18.

Mark Mcmorris cab dub 1080 out of the transition hit and some beautiful looking 14’s and 16’s. He was probably my all round standout as he was riding pipe, jumps, rails and all the transition features not just focusing on the jumps.

Seb Toots for his huge transition hits and alley oop backside rodeo spins out of those.

Matty Cox
has been ripping the transition hits and getting amongst the spin off on the jumps not to mention some good looking airs in the pipe.


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