The Stomping Grounds | Week 1 Wrap

On the ground report of what's been going down in Saas Fee, Switzerland. The place to be right now...

It’s all happening over in Switzerland right now. The Stomping Grounds Project has just wrapped up Week one up at Saas Fee Resort. Mother Nature has come to the party with snow, but not many sunny days thus far. The crew building the set-up have been putting in sleepless nights to get the park in prime shape.

Good news is, the suns now been out for a couple days and it’s set to stick around for the next week. Game on. Non-stop laps are now in full effect.

Lucas Foster, boosting into the clouds….

The Stomping Grounds, is the brain child of Aussie Park Builder Charles Beckinsale, and was designed to offer a ‘training ground’ of sorts for all riders to get their feet back whilst somehow breaking down boundaries and pulling off “never been done” shit. Jan Scherrer put down a switch alleyoop double backside rodeo 10 in the pipe. Can’t visualise? Check it below…

The top riders have all rolled into town for week one, and there’s a heap more on the way. So far, the likes of Shaun White, Mark McMorris, Anna Gasser, Jamie Anderson, Chloe Kim, Scotty James and more have been lapping away.

Stay tuned for what will be a remarkable week of riding coming up…


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