They Came, They Saw, They Ripped: Holy Bowly Homage…

Five Days Really Isn't Enough...

Words: James Herring

“The Holy Bowly sessions stand for everything that is right in snowboarding.” – Jamie Lynn.

Damn, that’s beautiful… 

Unlike many other snowboard events, Holy Bowly has no competition built into it; there are no losers and plenty of winners. It is an event made to celebrate the pure enjoyment of snowboarding. 

The eighth instalment of Holy Bowly was one for the ages, as many of snowboarding’s elite rolled out to tear apart the biggest park yet. 

The international gathering of creativity and flow wrapped up its 5 days of shredding and is now open to the public for the rest of the week. So if you’re reading this in Oregon, get your ass down to the Mt. Hood!

It is always great to see some of the women of snowboarding smashing out the Instagram edits, and they were destroying everything in their path.

Torment Mag and Slush Mag’s female rider of the year, Jill Perkins, made her way out and threw a little something together, loud and stylish in typical Perk fashion.

Burton team rider Nora Beck also threw a clean Insta edit together, and the front 360 off the toes in there, so dope. 

One of the most mesmerising moves of the week has to go to Kyle Kelley for that insanely smooth nose butter he busted out on the butter pad… I mean, c’mon, just so damn steezy. 

Natural Selection competitor and Jackson Hole native Blake Paul threw down in his usual nonchalant vibe. His style makes everything he does look so unassumingly easy but so technically impressive as well. Blake Paul is hands down one of the most enjoyable guys to watch. 

Finally, shout out to Tucker Brown. Who had a killer run with follow-cam through the entire course, to only have a tree catch him at the end of his line. Heal up quickly, Tuck!

So after countless laps, butters, methods, and Austen Sweeten continuously launching himself off the volcano, Holy Bowly 2021 has come to a close. We can’t wait to see what Krush and the Snowboy Production Crew have planned for year 9 of Holy Bowly. Hopefully, there are some plans to make an even bigger course down in Australia very soon. 


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