Thredbo’s New Pricing? We’ve got a HACK…The Mountain Collective Pass!

The Mountain Collective Pass 21/22 is worth a sniff...

Thredbo just announced their pass prices for this Winter. $1649 for a season pass…sheesh. $169 for a day pass. $338 for 2 days. The new pricing hasn’t been met with total optimism. They are obviously trying to go the premium angle, which we get, it’s the best mountain in Australia. But the prices have freaked some people out.

With all that in mind, we’ve spent the day deep in thought…getting creative. Trying to work out the best angle to run, the best pass option, an alternative?

BING!! (imagine a light bulb sparking up) – The Mountain Collective Pass!

The Mountain Collective just dropped their 21/22 pass for the upcoming Southern & Northern Hemisphere seasons. It’s a beast in terms of what it offers. And an awesome option to help you ride Thredbo, Buller, Coronet Peak, The Remarkables + a whole heap of other resorts cost effectively.

But we hear you, why get an international pass if there aren’t any guarantees on international travel?

We had our MIT grad slash Transfer intern run some numbers for you. It turns out The Mountain Collective pass is a SOLID option. Even if you only consider visiting the Australian resorts. If you add on NZ resorts its even better – Thredbo, Mt Buller, Coronet Peak, The Remarkables & Mt Hutt.

Why? Well first, you need to consider the following.

Thredbo’s day passes are $169. Two Day is $338. Three Day $507!! Mt Buller’s passes aren’t out yet…But expect the same as above.

If you already have an EPIC pass you’re obviously locked, but you should consider that the Mountain Collective Pass could be a rad second pass option. Especially if you wanna ride Thredbo & Buller on their best days, head to NZ? Owning both is actually cheaper than a Thredbo Season Pass.

Here’s Intern Matt’s breakdown…

The Pricing & Inclusions – Adult Pass – $648 AUD

In Australia, you’ll get 5 days in total included on the pass. That’s 3 days at Thredbo and 2 days at Mt Buller, or vice versa. Which averages out to be $129 a day. So if you only use the days in Australia, you’re already far better off than buying day passes on the best days of the season.

If you then happen to get over to NZ and use those 2 days, then the average is $93 a day. That’s before you even consider the opportunity to head to Japan, North America or Europe and use your days over there. Which might open up.

For kids under 12, for only $168 AUD, the equation is even more appealing. If they ride 3 days at Thredbo and 2 days at Mt Buller, they are riding for only $34 a day. Way better than the $89 per day rate Thredbo are offering for the same ages. And if they are lucky enough to get over to NZ they are riding for $24 a day.


For its price, and the fact that there are zero black out dates, it’s the pass that gives you the most flexibility to visit whenever the conditions are good. Plus, it’s most likely that Thredbo & Mt Buller will need to prioritise Mountain Collective Pass holders…meaning if there are any restrictions imposed on any days. You’ll be priority.

50% off additional days

If you use up the days included on the pass, any additional days you want to ride are discounted by 50%. So if day passes at Thredbo or Mt Buller are $170, you ride for $85…day rates from two decades ago.

Guaranteed Refund (No Questions Asked)

The Mountain Collective Pass has “No Questions Asked” refund guarantee returns. Allowing passholders a full refund upon request any time prior to August 31st, 2021 (as long as no days have been used).

The Incredible List of Resorts

2 days at 23 snow destinations around the world. 46 days in total. 50% off any additional days at the resorts. No blackout dates. A bonus 3rd day at the resort of your choice. All for $648 AUD adults ($499 USD) & $168 AUD under 12s.

o 2 days in Niseko

o Aspen Snowmass (Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk)
o Arapahoe Basin, Colorado
o Big Sky, Montana
o Jackson Hole, Wyoming
o Grand Targhee, Wyoming
o Mammoth, California
o Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows, California
o Big Sky, Montana
o Snowbird, Utah
o Alta, Utah
o Taos, New Mexico
o Sugarbush, Vermont
o Sugarloaf, Maine

o Banff Sunshine, Alberta
o Lake Louise, Alberta
o Panorama, British Columbia
o Revelstoke, British Columbia
o Sun Peaks Resort, British Columbia

2 Days at Chamonix

Now we know, this pass is not for everyone. It’s very unlikely you will use your days up at every resort. But even if you purchase the pass and are just riding Australia it’s still good value. And gives you a bunch of flexibility.

Then, if you throw NZ into the mix, it’s great value. If you do any days overseas (fingers, toes, everything crossed) at the international resorts it becomes a SOLID SOLID option.

Click here for more details on the Mountain Collective Pass 21/22


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