We Just Interviewed Toby Who Broke The Internet…Must Read!

If you don't already know Toby, well now you do. Toby broke the internet as the luckiest man alive attempting a road gap at Charlottes Pass in Australia...

#YEAHTOBY … we’re getting tshirts made. Meet Toby, yeah, that guy on your social media feed today SENDING off a booter road gap out at Charlottes Pass. We tracked him down, because we wanted to chat to this thankfully still relatively living, legend.

Here’s the video…pure insanity.

Transfer: Toby, you broke the internet today…but please let us know…are you at all broken from that crazy road gap?

Toby: Haha nah, I’m pretty good just did a slight knee twinge from a previous injury.

You’re one lucky cat! So break it down for me…What brought the road gap attempt up? Have you done one before?

I’ve done one a few years ago over the road at Eyre T-bar but the plan was to go bigger so I could jump my van, so we found this spot and started building!

Hectic! Who built the jump? I know there was limited snow, but it looks like a super tight take off? Was a skier involved in this build?

Two of my mates Matt and Tom who runs the snowylist website, you see his banner on the jump, absolute legends for putting in the work. The run in was the dodgy bit the line was super tight cause of the rocks and bushes appearing. Yeah we had a skier plow the slush off the drop in and pack the take off down.

And the rock at the bottom of the landing? Kinda sketchy?! Was the plan to air over it?

Nah we put goal post cubes of snow on the road so I knew where the rocks were and there was enough room, but cause of how I slipped on the take off it shot me towards the danger zone 😂

Ok! It’s starting to piece together. So you’re at the top…was the plan a straight air, or backflip?

The plan was to just do a straight air but the take off had frozen up cause it was late afternoon and getting cold and my board was detuned from riding rails when perisher was open.
So I came in a bit to hot on to much of a heel edge and my rail slipped out just before the take off and sent my flying back first haha.

Fuck! What were you thinking mid air, upside down, facing the road?

That if I stay like this I’m going to land on my back from height with rocks around.
So I thought to myself the only way recover and actually see my landing is to tuck and flip which took me most the distance of the road to figure out.

And have you ever done a back flip before? Because you pulled that thing around like a pro! Chad Otterstrom have you mega props…

I saw that haha what a legend. Nah a few attempts over small hits that never worked out very well. I just knew in the moment that if I didn’t pull my head back and tuck I was in serious trouble.

Jesus Christ Toby! And now the rock…did you see that thing coming? Or was it by freak accident you pulled the board around in time?

I just saw it as I came back around and knew I was going to hit it so I just tried to absorb it as much as possible and push off it, which did a great job of snapping my board haha.

Holy! Ok…so snapped board?

Haha yeah I’m the slow mo it’s on a 45deg angle on impact.

And I have to ask…any performance enhancing drugs taken before hitting it?

Haha nah apart from the two beers I had during the build.

Nothing like some Dutch courage. Now, what’s next for Toby? Considering you’re famous and all…Are you going back for redemption!

That is the plan it’s been playing in my head ever since but if the line is still there and my knee comes good in time then 100%. I really don’t want to walk away from it without stomping it.

TOBY! You’re a mad man. Is the jump still up?

I haven’t checked it today but surely it is!!! I’ll be very upset if it’s gone aye.

Well, we wish you the best of luck with round 2. Please be sure to let us be the first to know if you nail it! I think you need to go for the backflip? Need video evidence.

Hahaha I’ll be going for a few straight airs with the van parked under it first before I even think about another flip. There will definitely be video evidence!!

Fuck me. And what’s it like having a near death experience? Any new found insights on life? Or just keep sending it?

Oh 100% keep sending it, the biggest inside was definitely to just stay calm no matter what so you can figure things out on the fly.

You’re on some higher ground than the rest of us Toby. Thanks for the chat!

Haha cheers dude appreciate it. Big love.


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