Week 1 Stomping Grounds Gallery | “It’s Sunny and It’s Good”

The Stomping Grounds Week 1 is off and everyone is well and truly lifted. The Aussie mastermind behind the project and the build, Charles Beckinsale is receiving high praise from snowboarding royalty for building the perfect training playground.

Brock Crouch said ” Thanks Charles Beckinsale for making magic”.

We hit up our crew on the ground, capturing all the gold. We hit them up with a bunch of questions – Who’s ripping? Who’s not ripping? New moves? Who is the most hungover? Who is the loudest? What are conditions like? Why aren’t you responding to any of our messages?

We got a nice one liner reply that sums the first week up perfectly – “It’s sunny and it’s good”.

Below is a gallery of the action so far, more to come from the beautiful Swiss Alps soon!

All images shot by – Joseph Roby & Marcus Skin

Mark McMorris has been dominating this quarter pipe!
Scotty going full send, eyes on the prize.
Shaun White taking flight…


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