What Snowboarding in Australia Looked Like in 2007…

Take flight with me, approximately 13 years ago…

All hail ‘Digital Snowboard Magazine’ a.k.a the bible of every Australian and New Zealand snowboarder who was born pre-Bieber. A perfect resemblance of the ‘golden years’ – cash, good times, no travel restrictions and Gus St Leon. Hallelujah.

The man behind Digital Snowboard Magazine was Ryan ‘Nugg’ Gardiner and thanks to Rhythm Snowboard Shop, they’ve touched based with ‘Nugg’ and have convinced him to transport this gold only accessible via DVD onto Youtube for your viewing pleasure. We still have the DVD’s that feature the Picasso of snowboarding, Charles Beckinsale’s pristine art on the front. The Aussie Hip Hop…bring it back?

Anyways – check the video parts below from the Angels of Australian snowboarding – Nick Gregory, Ryan Tiene, Jake McCarthy, Gus St Leon, Mitch Allan and Clint Allan. Make sure to keep an eye out on Digital Snowboard Magazine’s channel as more parts are dropping weekly! Hanging out for ‘Stump Land’…

Nick Gregory

One of a kind! Nick Gregory hit the snowboard scene Down Under hard from 2001 onward. Bringing the first decent spin on rails and gradually stepping it up into the heavy Whistler backcountry scene later in his career. Nick was one of the few back then that helped put Aussie snowboarding on the global map. Classic style, fearless and all round good guy.

Ryan Tiene

King of the lab. This is Tiene in his early DC days who later went on to go pro with the company alongside some of the biggest names in snowboarding such as Devun Walsh, Ikka Backstrom, Torstein Horgmo and more. You can tell by this video part that Tiene was always destined to ‘make it’. It’s also a known fact that people are still searching for some of these Aussie spots in the video. 13 years later.

Jake McCarthy

Jake needs no introduction. A full blown man child grommet in this video part, this was Jake’s beginning of many parts to follow, always progressing and showing of his unique style and approach to snowboarding.

Gus St Leon

It was a short stint, but boy it was a good one. Gus was a hell man and went full turbo at everything in front of him. From rail jams to backcountry sessions plus everything in between, he was a Transfer favourite.

Mitch Allan

Mitch Allan did it all – park, backcountry, street and pipe! Competing for Australia in the 2006 Winter Olympics and landing covers on snowboard magazines every winter. Mitch owned a timeless style and is still known to rip around like it was the early 2000’s.

Clint Allan

The younger brother of Mitch, Clint Allan was of a similar skill set – dominated all disciplines but went on to solely focus on riding and filming in the backcountry. This was one of Clint’s first parts that put him on the map to later film with some off the biggest production companies in the snowboard stratosphere.

Big ups to Rhythm & Nugg for sourcing these parts! We’re holding on tight to catch which Aussie or NZ superstar is next to drop.


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