What’s a ‘Side Hit’ with Arthur Longo? Valentino Guseli Quizzes the Master…

There's been some discussions around what is the definition of a 'side hit' off the back of some recent #VolcomSideHits entries...Valentino went straight to the source.

Valentino hit us up, letting us know he fired Arthur Longo a direct message a couple days ago – wanting to get to the bottom of what a ‘side hit’ is.

Below is the straight up conversation between the two of them. Enjoy…

VALENTINO: Hi Arthur, it’s Valentino here and a friend of mine is not sure what a side hit is, and I thought you’d be the best guy to talk to. 😉 How have you been and where have you been riding lately? Do you know who invented the side hit? What in your words is a side hit?

ARTHUR: I’m good thank you. There have been some changes! I’m moving to Chamonix and I’m doing a little renovation of my flat at the moment. Otherwise, I crazily tweaked my leg while skateboarding. I hope it’s not too bad. That’s about it, waiting for the snow to come this way.   

I think anybody that straps on a board could invent side hits, it’s the most natural thing to do if you want to jump.

In French I would call it « bords de piste », which literally translates to the sides of the slope. They usually have a bit of a wall or more variety that’s untouched by the groomers. Basically anything close to the slope that you want to hit.   

Does it need to be next to the piste or anywhere in the mountains? 

I guess when it’s out of the piste it becomes more like a backcountry hit and then you’d call your spot whatever it is like a hip or straight jump, step down…  

Are you allowed to slip or shape the run in?  

Haha, yes for sure, why not.

Are you allowed to build or shape the kicker?  

Yeah! Same thing, as long as you keep the idea of the terrain. It’s always a matter of proportion. 

Can you traverse to get out to a side hit?

Haha I don’t understand.

Is the side hit down the hill or across?  

Across looks better.   

Is it more like a transition hit than a straight jump? 

Mostly, yes.

Do you have any other advice on what makes a side hit?

Small take off, small landing, tranny finders, and definitely go bigger than the spot…

What are your favorite side hit places?

The next one! One of the best things about side hits is to find them. They really could be anywhere.

Have a good one bro.


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