Winter Missions W22 Ep. 2 | Scotty James x Transfer Banked Slalom

Scotty James was back in Australia for a hot minute and we went behind the scenes of his Transfer Banked Slalom experience...

It’s been four years since Scotty James has ridden on home turf in Australia. Coming off the back of a strong 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics campaign, bagging Silver in Halfpipe, he recently spent a week in the Aussie Alps to compete in the iconic 8th Annual Transfer Banked Slalom.

We grabbed Scotty for behind the scenes look into his day before preparation prior the big Banked Slalom race as well as across race day.

One of the best and most successful snowboarders in the world, he still had jitters in the starting gates…

Watch the full episode to check out what went down!

A huge thanks to our Winter Missions Partners – The North FaceYETIGoProG Shock and Pirate Life Brewing.


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