Wrapped Up | The Stomping Grounds 2020

The worlds best migrated to Saas Fee, Switzerland for nearly a month of high energy park riding. The result...

With the Winter Olympics going down in 2022 in Bejing, it’s time for everyone to start getting their shit together. Obviously COVID has thrown a huge spanner in the works for riders to get on snow.

However, the Stomping Grounds delivered! Everyone somehow managed to break free from their home countries and migrate to Switzerland for the majority of October and into November for a month of riding what was the best park setup currently in the world. Luxury.

It was hard to keep tabs on all the progression and fame gracing the Stomping Grounds each day…Below is our top gallery from all the mayhem.

There were a shit load of methods coming out of Stomping Grounds. This one by Andre Höfleich -WINS


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